New crafting, gathering actions and more in FFXIV’s Endwalker 6.0 final patch notes

The patch will be introduced tomorrow after a 24-hour maintenance.

Image via Square Enix

The wait is almost over for Final Fantasy XIV fans. Upcoming expansion Endwalker will become available on early access tomorrow.

Square Enix previewed the 6.0 patch’s release by unveiling the full patch notes on its official website earlier today.

It isn’t much different from the preliminary notes that were released yesterday, but more information regarding a ton of bug fixes and the new crafting actions were listed.

Here are the upcoming Disciple of the Hand’s actions from level 84 to 90:

  • Level 84: Advanced Touch, to increase quality
  • Level 86: Heart and Soul, specialist action only available when the material’s condition isn’t Good or Excellent and that can only be used once per synthesis
  • Level 88: Prudent Synthesis, increasing progress for durability with a 180 percent efficiency
  • Level 90: Trained Finesses, to increase quality without spending durability when fulfilling specific conditions

For the Disciples of the Land, Fisher will be the job receiving the most changes, while Miner and Botanist will receive the same five new actions and two new traits.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The Fisher will have more new actions and a Spearfishing minigame will be added alongside Endwalker. Although it was already revealed in details in a previous Live Letter from the Producer, more information to guide the players through the minigame’s mechanics were posted in the patch notes.

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The developer also confirmed where to begin Endwalker’s main scenario questline: starting in the Rising Stones, Mor Dhona, by speaking to Alphinaud.

Finally, it listed numerous bug fixes and known issues that weren’t present in the preliminary notes. Players were already begining to weave theories by picking through the list, such as a bug involved in the last Endwalker quest that has yet to be fixed.

The Chronicles of a New Era quest called “Gods of Eld” will prevent the completion of the last main scenario’s quest, so players are advised to redeem this one before anything else.

According to some players who wrote their theories on the official subreddit, it might be linked to the fact that the Rising Stones won’t be an available location at the end of the scenario.