Lost Ark roadmap reveals new classes, region, and raids set to release in April and May

The Glaivier class and and South Vern region are planned for later this month.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark had its Western release two months ago, unveiling tons of content based on the game version that was released in South Korea in 2019.

Players have had a lot of features and content to discover, but Amazon Games is already working on releasing more. A leaked roadmap had hinted at the upcoming content players could expect, but now the official roadmap has been unveiled.

The upcoming content will be “focused on horizontal content” and on “giving players clear paths for progression without feeling they need to pay,” Amazon said. This means more events offering progression rewards will be introduced, and the release of high-end content will be delayed, including Legion Raids.

Here is the breakdown of Lost Ark’s April and May roadmap.

Lost Ark roadmap

April updates

While the leaked roadmap hinted at the release of the Destroyer class in April, it won’t be introduced until May. The first class to join the roster will be the Glaivier instead.

The Glaivier is a Martial Artist advanced class who wields a spear and a glaive. As such, it features a different set of abilities for each weapon. It was highly requested by numerous players, and there’s no doubt it will be popular in the game following its release.

To help players who are willing to create a Glaivier, a new free Powerpass will be given to everyone during the month, which will provide a 960 item level gear and progression up to Feiton. It will be available to use for any class, though.

The other main update in April is the release of the South Vern region. It will give way to more story quests and content to upgrade gear. An item level of 1,340 will be required to travel to this region and complete quests.

May updates

The second new class to join the roster will be the Destroyer, a Warrior subclass wielding a giant hammer. They will be stagger machines with attacks to “slow, launch, push, and pull enemies.”

May will also welcome a new kind of content with Trial Guardian Raids. They’ll feature three bosses to defeat every week to earn rewards. But contrary to the Event Guardian Raids, they won’t be battled all at once, and the difficulty will be increased.

The developer also revealed that it wasn’t sure if the Deskaluda Guardian Raid and Valtan’s Legion Raid will be released in May. It will depend on average player progression to ensure it won’t be released too early as was the case for the Argos raid released in March. “Our goal is to provide fun content for players, even if it’s at a higher level, while never making players feel pressured that they need to pay to keep up,” Amazon said.

Deskaluda and Valtan will require an item level of 1,415. Valtan’s Legion Raid will feature teams of eight players instead of four, with a difficulty increase and various checkpoints when progressing through the fight.

In addition, more events and skins are set to be released in April and May, as well as other unannounced content.