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How to unlock Sharp-as-Night as a Companion in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Necrom

This secretive Argonian makes for a great companion.

The Companions system has returned to The Elder Scrolls Online in the latest Necrom chapter, allowing players to recruit some of the many characters they’ll meet on their journeys throughout the Telvanni Peninsula. One of the early characters players will come across is Sharp-as-Night, a mysterious Argonian bounty hunter who has found himself in a bit of a pickle.

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Sharp-as-Night has a lot to offer players on their adventures throughout Tamriel. From his powerful Warden abilities to an oh-so-sexy voice, adding this Argonian to your band of traveling companions will be well worth any ESO player’s time. Fans of Mass Effect may recognize his sultry vocals; Sharp-as-Night is voiced by Brandon Keener, who plays Garrus in all three Mass Effect games.

Unfortunately for those looking to start their adventures through the Telvanni Peninsula with Sharp-as-Night by their side, you won’t be able to automatically unlock the Argonian when you first step foot on the Telvanni Peninsula. You’ll need to complete his character quest for him to trust you enough to join you on your adventures. And like other Companions in ESO, you’ll need to complete the quest on each character; even if you unlock him in the Collections menu on one character, he cannot be summoned by another alt until that character has completed the “The Double Edge” quest.

Sharp-as-Night stands in long grass besides a river.
Players will be able to level up Sharp-as-Night and adjust his abilities after befriending him. Screenshot by Dot Esports

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But before you can convince Sharp-as-Night to join your adventures, you’ll need to first find him.

Sharp-as-Night location in ESO: Necrom

Sharp-as-Night can be found just outside of the Outlaws Refuge southwest of the city of Necrom, as circled on the map below. When you approach the Argonian, he’ll be slashing down a mercenary. After you speak to him, he’ll express concerns that his target knows he’s on to her and that his associate Harn Orenvi might have more information. Sharp-as-Night will then ask you to meet with Harn in the Outlaws Refuge and ask about his target, Reynila Treviri, for payment. This will automatically start the quest “The Double Edge,” which you can find in your journal by pressing “J” on PC, or the corresponding button on console.

If you speak to Sharp-as-Night some more, you’ll learn he’s after Reynila because she stole something and he needs to stop her “at any cost.” You can ask to learn more about the bounty hunter, but he’ll keep his cards close to his vest, telling you that if you want to hear more of his story, you’ll need to complete the job first.

How to complete “The Double Edge” quest

Once you’ve got all the necessary information from Sharp-as-Night, head to the Outlaws Refuge. Luckily, you won’t have to travel far; the opening to the refuge is just a few steps west of where you can find Sharp-as-Night. If you’re having trouble finding it, though, you can select the quest in your journal or cycle through active quests by pressing “T” on PC outside of the menu. This will automatically show a map marker on your compass at the top of your screen, showing you the direction to head.

The Outlaws Refuge is highlighted by a single, but bright lamp.
The Outlaws Refuge lies just a few steps away from Sharp-as-Night and is illuminated by a light. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Head down the winding stairs into the heart of the Outlaws Refuge. You’ll see a Dark Elf in rugged clothing standing close to the entrance, and if you have “The Double Edge” quest as your active quest, a marker will appear over Harn’s head.

Harn will tell you Reynila was spotted nearby recently but will ask you to deliver flowers to two of his associates in exchange for information on her current location. If you have the Persuade ability, you can talk your way out of the task, but if you’re like us and created a new character for the Necrom chapter, you’ll need to get to delivering.

Menredius will be close to the Necrom entrance to the Outlaws Refuge, while Brelynn is on the east side of the city. If you can’t find them, check your map and make sure to have “The Double Edge” selected on the right-hand side of the screen, as shown in our image below. Speak to each of the two characters and select the dialogue options to hand them the flowers. They’ll both become disgruntled, and you can then return to Harn—who can be found in the Mourner’s Solace Inn, which is marked by the tankard icon on the map below—for your information.

A map of Necrom showing the locations of two NPCs Harn will have you deliver flowers to. The locations are on the north and eastern sides of the city.
You won’t need to travel far to find the flowers’ recipients. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Harn will tell you Reynila passed through recently to see a character named Deredrien, who will be the next character you’ll need to locate in the quest. Her personal belongings can be found in the Palace View Apartments, highlighted by the castle icon on the above map, and will be at the top of the stairs as you enter the building. As you enter her room, Sharp-as-Night will conveniently appear to help you rummage through Deredrien’s things.

Quest indicators will mark a few objects in the room, including scattered papers on the ground, a letter addressed to Deredrien, and a bottle of Rotmeth. After interacting with all three items, Sharp-as-Night will clue you into a bit of his background: He woke up in the middle of Valenwood years ago, and the only thing he remembered was his name. But before you can learn any more about the Argonian, he instructs you to accompany him to a campsite south of the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine to catch Reynila by surprise.

As you approach the campsite, Sharp-as-Night will tell you the place is crawling with hostile mercenaries. He believes someone besides Reynila hired the mercenaries and will accompany you as you make your way north to the campsite to learn more. Interact with the organization notes and the lanterns, which will both be highlighted with quest markers. From there, you’ll need to crouch to see the glowing footprints, as indicated by the image below.

An Orc and Argonian crouch close to the ground in ESO to reveal glowing green footprints.
The path can be hard to find, but crouching reveals a set of glowing footprints. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This path will lead you to a note addressed to Deredrien addressing her to send mercenaries to Reynila’s campsite and to capture Sharp-as-Night alive. The letter is from the mysterious “Reformer,” who also hired Sharp-as-Night through a job broker. After some contemplation, Sharp-as-Night suggests Reynila is attempting to free a slave and recommends you search for yet another character named Mevei in Ald Isra, which is on the west coast of the peninsula, as shown on the map below.

A map of the Telvanni Peninsula with a location circled in red near the western coast.
Ald Isra is a brief job from the campsite. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You’ll find a Dark Elf there, Mevei Andros, who will ask if Sharp-as-Night remembers Reynila. She eventually tells you the Reformer owned Sharp-as-Night as a slave and used experimental magic on him. Reynila attempted to free Sharp-as-Night, causing him to lose his memory when she excised the magic from him. Mevei will tell you Reynila can be found in the smuggler’s tunnels in Gorne located on your map.

Head back to the Great Arm Wayshrine, which is just east of the city of Necrom, and make your way toward the quest marker. It will lead you into a public dungeon, where you’ll find Sharp-as-Night. He’ll acknowledge your generosity in helping him and will accompany you through the dungeon to find Reynila—which is great for new players, considering public dungeons are full of large mobs of enemies. Companions can help take some of the heat off of you, distracting enemies and damaging others, so you won’t be overwhelmed.

We suggest taking the southern route to your destination, as shown on the map below because it’s the most straightforward path. When you get there, you’ll see two Reformer assassins attempting to kill Reynila. Kill the two enemies, and more will spawn through a nearby portal. You’ll need to kill them all, as well as the boss that spawns at the end of the wave, the Reformer Sun Mage Captain, before following Reynila through the door through which she fled.

On the other side of the door, you’ll find Reynila collapsed on the ground with another Argonian and Mevei nearby. Reynila will tell you she can’t be saved from the wounds she sustained from Deredrien and the mercenaries. She will also tell you that the Reformer won’t stop until he can recapture Sharp-as-Night.

After you end the dialogue with her, she’ll die from her wounds. You’ll then be prompted to speak to Dimik-ei, Sharp-as-Night’s sister, who expresses her concern about the Reformer. Sharp-as-Night refuses to help her but says he’ll one day go after the Reformer and will offer to assist you in your future endeavors. From there, you can end the quest and summon him as a companion.

Sharp-as-Night stands to the left as a dialogue box on the right shows the quest has been completed.
Sharp-as-Night can be summoned as a companion after completing the quest. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To do so, open your Collections menu by pressing “U” on PC or the corresponding console button. Select the “Allies” menu, and hover over Sharp-as-Night and press “E” on PC. This will summon the Argonian to your side. You can then speak to him to open up the Companion Menu to see his equipment and abilities.

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