How to speed up your mount in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker regions

Ride like the wind on Endwalker's new areas.

Image via Square Enix

Many new areas have been added to the world of Final Fantasy XIV with the latest expansion Endwalker, and the players are eager to step onto those unknown lands to discover everything that lies within.

But they’ll also discover those maps are very large, and without being able to fly for a fair amount of time, it’ll be useful to get some Riding Maps to travel faster through those lands when on the ground.

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Shared FATEs will help you reach this objective by rewarding Gemstones that can be traded for riding maps. Here are all the steps to follow to get a riding map for each Endwalker area.

  • Unlock the Gemstone Trader by speaking to him. They’re all located in the first or second area you’ll step into with an Aetheryte.
  • Complete six FATEs in the designated map with a gold rating. You’ll unlock the second rank of shared FATEs.
  • If you don’t have 70 bicolor gemstones, do more FATEs to reach that number.
  • Go back to the Gemstone Trader and buy the riding map.
  • Head to your inventory and click on it to unlock the mount speed increase.

You’ll receive a notification confirming that the speed increase has been unlocked. You’ll have to repeat the process for every new map in Endwalker.

Screengrab via Square Enix

You can check your progression at any moment by navigating to the Travel tab, in “Shared FATEs.”

The fastest way to travel through FFXIV areas is by flying. To do that, though, you’ll have to attune to 10 Aether currents and complete five sidequests. Keep in mind that riding maps only increase the mount speed when it’s on the ground, not when flying.