How to get the Regalia Type-G mount on Final Fantasy XIV

Ride with style.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Although Final Fantasy XIV is a fantasy MMO game, it features an incredibly varied aesthetic style, ranging from typical fantasy themes to modern looks. The Regalia Type-G mount belongs to the latter, and it’s one of the most popular mounts.

The Regalia Type-G is a fancy car in black that can carry up to four players, which makes it one of the few mounts with over one seat despite not being in the Mog Station. It’s very useful for party events, whether it’s weddings, hunts or even just to play with friends.

But the mount isn’t always up for grabs in the game. That’s why players must keep an eye for the seasonal events, which sometimes introduce it again in FF XIV.

How to get the Regalia Type-G mount on FF XIV

The Regalia Type-G mount is available during the seasonal crossover event with Final Fantasy XV, which can be introduced at any point in the year. Its latest iteration this year will kick off on Sept. 13 and will end on Oct.16, which will leave one month for the players to grab the Regalia mount.

It isn’t an easy process, however. The mount can only be purchased for 200,000 Manderville Gold Saucer points (MGP), to the Ironworks Vendor. There are many ways to earn this currency, but they’re all tied to the Gold Saucer, which features tons of mini-games to try out, as well as other features and countless rewards.

The safest solution will be to stock up the MGP before the event hits, so you’re prepared to spend it all on the mount. But if you didn’t, there are a couple of ways to earn MGP faster before the event ends.

First, when arriving in the Gold Saucer, check your challenge log in the Logs menu. If you didn’t unlock the Gold Saucer challenges, head to Limsa Lominsa and complete the quest called Call of the Sea to unlock them. These challenges reset every week and offer up to 32,500 MGP.

In addition to those challenges, you can complete up to three Jumbo Cactpot games per day in the Entrance Square. But each ticket costs ten MGP, so you’ll have to earn some first. It’s a lottery game that offer solid chances of earning more MGP than those spent. The quest named Scratch it Rich must be unlocked to play this mini-game.

The most important way to earn MGP quickly is the weekly fashion report. It begins each Friday in the Gold Saucer and rewards 10,000 MGP for participating, and 50,000 MGP for receiving a rating of 80 points or more. Look for guides to see how to earn this rating, and you should reach 200,000 MGP in less than a month. Finally, you’ll earn Gold Saucer points for every game completed in the area, and there are almost always various events occurring to earn bonus points.