How to fix New World’s ‘Lag Detected’ error

The issue is booting players from the game's servers on its launch day.

Image via Amazon Games

The launch of Amazon Games’ new MMORPG, New World, has run relatively smoothly. But that’s not to say that the experience hasn’t been without a few kinks. Notably, players are experiencing some heavy pockets of lag in settlements and highly-populated areas in the open world. 

These areas where many players are present can sometimes force an error message to appear on players’ screens that reads “Lag Detected.” The error message sticks around on players’ screens for quite some time, and in some cases, players who receive the message will be kicked from the game’s server and forced back to the login screen.

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With lengthy queues on launch day, the “Lag Detected” error message can be a crippling blow to players on a limited schedule. Thankfully, the solution to New World’s “Lag Detected” error message is incredibly simple. Here’s how to resolve the issue. 

  • Open your Steam library
  • Right-click on New World and select “Properties”
  • Navigate down to Local Files
  • Select “Verify integrity of game files”

Once you fiddle around with this quick fix, you should be able to relaunch New World and jump back into the game without encountering the “Lag Detected” error message again. If you encounter the error once more, don’t be afraid to close the game and repeat the process mentioned above to stave off the message. 

New World is available to play and purchase now via the Steam store