How to find the Housing plot you bid on in Final Fantasy XIV

Where's my house?

Screengrab via Square Enix

A new Housing system has entered Final Fantasy XIV—and with it, its own challenges. The Lottery system was implemented in Patch 6.1, putting an end to years of waiting in front of plot boards to get a plot and build a house.

But the launch of this feature hasn’t been without its issues, with bugs on bids and confusing processes. But if you succeeded in bidding on one House plot, you might have forgotten its location upon the opening of the Results period.

It’s crucial to head to the plot you bid on, however, even if you didn’t win the lottery, because you’ll need to head there to ask for your refund. And depending on the size of the plot, the prices can be quite high.

Here is how to find back the Housing plot you bid on as part of the lottery.

How to find the Housing plot you bid on

Screengrab via Square Enix

If you have forgotten where the plot you bid on is located, whether it’s the Ward or its exact location in it, follow these steps.

  • Launch the game and log in with the character that bid on the plot.
  • Press the Ctrl+U hotkey to open the Timers menu.
  • Open the Estate tab, on the right of the Individual tab.
  • Click on the Housing Lottery Status.
  • You’ll see the location of the plot you bid on.

If you don’t see a Lottery Status appear on the Estate tab, it means you didn’t complete the bid process, or that the Results period has expired. Additionally, even if you see the plot has been won by another player in the Wards list, you’ll have to head there nonetheless and click on the board to get your refund.