How many players does Final Fantasy XIV have?

It's the most profitable game of the license.

Image via Square Enix

Although Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been around for over a decade, its player base is still growing with each expansion and major patch that brings new and returning players on a regular basis.

After a disastrous launch in 2010, A Realm Reborn, the reworked version of the game, has attracted many players and was critically acclaimed with an 86-score on Metacritic.

Since then, expansions have been releasing every two years to boost the player base and keep the game fresh for the fans. The player base grew alongside the release of Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. But exactly how many players are active in the MMO game?

Final Fantasy XIV: Number of players worldwide

Although there are some sources that keep the fans updated on the MMO’s player count over time, such as the MMO Population website, it’s not perfectly accurate because they include inactive accounts, too.

The daily live population chart can still give you an idea of how the game’s popularity evolves over time. In October 2021, the website listed the game as having nearly 34 million total players.

FF XIV producer and game director Naoki Yoshida, on the other hand, reportedly revealed that the game recently surpassed 24 million active players. The player count has doubled since the release of the Stormblood expansion in 2017, when the game had around 10 million players, according to Yoshida.

This number could significantly vary with the release of the upcoming Endwalker expansion, which is set to drop on Nov. 23. It’s highly anticipated by fans because it will close the narrative arc that began with A Realm Reborn and due to its delay. Initially expected to release during the summer, it was delayed for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.