Fastest way to get Relic Resistance Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV | Haunting and Vexatious Memories of the Dying

This will be a lengthy grind.

Image via Square Enix

There are countless things to earn that will require hours of grind in Final Fantasy XIV, but nothing is longer than getting the Relic weapons. The Resistance weapons from the Shadowbringers expansion is no exception.

As Endwalker is only a few months away, all the Resistance weapon quests were introduced into the game. There are nine of them, some much longer than others.

The Resistance Remembers is one of the longest quests the game has to offer. Players will only need to do it once to unlock the progression for all their Resistance weapons, contrary to most other steps which must be repeated for each class.

This quest requires players to redeem 18 Vexatious Memories of the Dying, as well as 18 Haunting Memories of the Dying, which can be earned upon completing specific Alliance raids or FATEs. Here is the fastest way to get them and move to the next step.

Fastest way to get Haunting and Vexatious Memories of the Dying in Final Fantasy XIV

Although there are officially several ways to earn those items, there is only one quick path to do it. Unfortunately, the Memories’ drop rate in FATEs is extremely low even though it was upgraded over the last patches, so it’s not a viable solution to get them fast. It’s better to earn them via Alliance Raids instead.

Haunting Memories of the Dying are earned via Shadow of Mhach raids, which include The Void Ark, The Weeping City of Mhach, and Dun Scaith. The fastest raid to complete is Void Ark. Vexatious Memories can be earned via Return to Ivalice raids from Stormblood: The Royal City of Rabanastre, The Ridorana Lighthouse, and The Orbonne Monastery, the fastest of them being Rabanastre.

While this is the fastest way, there’s still quite a bit of grinding involved. The best option is to complete Void Ark and Rabanastre 18 times each, which will take you over seven hours. It’s also possible to do to FATEs while waiting for duties, and team up with friends to get faster queue times.

If you don’t want to do those raids every time, it’s also possible to queue for Alliance roulettes to level up other classes at the same time, but you won’t always get the same raids. You can also get most of it by activating a Change of Arms quest for another Resistance weapon and get Loathsome Memories of the Dying if you get any Crystal Tower raid from the roulette, though. It will definitely take way more time, but the process might be more enjoyable for you, rather than spamming the same instances over and over again.