Amazon Games reveals rest of New World double experience bonuses for June

Progressing through Aeternum has never been easier

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games has shown off more double experience bonuses for New World. The next three weeks will be filled with bonus experience events for New World players, each of which will affect a different facet of the game’s progression. 

Throughout the remainder of June (and the first weekend of July), players will have bonus XP applied to certain skills. From June 13 to 16, players will have the double XP bonus applied to Gathering Skills like Mining, Logging, Fishing, Harvesting, and Skinning. Four days later, from June 20 to 23, Refining Skills will receive the boost, allowing players to maximize their XP gains by transforming the materials they gathered into items. 

From June 23 to 26, raw character XP will be boosted by 100 percent, so if you have a character who hasn’t hit level 60 yet, that journey will be given a stimulant later this month. To cap off New World’s June XP Extravaganza event, all experience gains will be boosted between July 1 to 4. 

For the past week, New World players have enjoyed a double XP bonus to weapon leveling. Every weapon in the game, including the newly added Void Gauntlet and Blunderbuss, was leveled at double the rate for the last four days. 

New World’s June XP Extravaganza will pick up again on June 13.