A double weapon XP event is coming to New World next week

New World is giving players a chance to jump back in and level their weapons.

Image via Amazon Studios

New World will implement a three-day-long double experience event next week, with weapon leveling being boosted starting on June 6. The event will be the first of the game’s “June XP Extravaganza,” with more double experience events coming later this month. 

All weapons in New World will be affected by the double XP event. Regardless of your character’s current progression with a particular weapon, you’ll receive the boost to weapon experience when the event goes live. The double experience buff will be applied to all weapons up until level 20, the game’s maximum level for weapons. 

If you haven’t played New World in some time and are looking to return to the game for the double XP event, you’ll notice that two new weapons have been added to the game. The Void Gauntlet and Blunderbuss have joined the game’s arsenal of weapons following its launch and will also be affected by the upcoming double XP event. 

If you’re a returning player who found themselves previously locked into a weapon build due to constraints on experience and resulting damage throughput, you’ll have a premium chance to play catch-up with all of your weapons that fell behind the curve. The Heart of Madness update, which launched earlier this year, added new quests to the main story, as well as a new expedition to level up in. 

New World’s upcoming double XP event will begin on June 6 and will last until June 9. More double XP events are expected to come throughout the month of June.