New keyword Behold and 6 Freljord Troll cards join Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion

Tarkaz is no longer the sole troll.

Legends of Runeterra’s second expansion, Call of the Mountain, reveal season is continuing on through the weekend. In today’s announcement on Twitter, Riot Games revealed six new collectible cards and a new keyword, Behold.

The six cards revealed are Face of the Old Ones, Troll Scavenger, Troll Ravager, Uzgar the Ancient, Troll Chant, and Call the Wild. The new mechanic Behold gives you bonus effects if you either have a type of card in play or in your hand. Hearthstone players may find familiarity in this new keyword with the “if you’re holding a Dragon” mechanic. 

Image via Riot Games.

Faces of the Old Ones is a two-mana 0/2 unit that has a Round Star ability that grants you an extra mana gem this round if you Behold an eight mana or higher cost card. Troll Scavenger is a two-mana 1/3 unit that gains +3/+0 in stats if you Behold an eight mana or higher card when he’s summoned.

Troll Ravager is a four-mana 3/5 unit that gains Regeneration when he’s summoned if you Behold an 8+ cost card. Uzgar the Ancient is an eight-mana 7/7 unit that has Challenger and Regeneration.

Troll Chant is a two-mana Burst Spell that gives an ally +0/+2 to give an enemy -2/-0 for the round. Call the Wild is a three-mana Burst Spell that can draw you up to four cards from the top of your deck, as long as those cards are either a Yeti, Poro, and Elnuk.

Faces of the Old Ones is an alternate Wyrding Stones that players can rely on for mana ramp a turn earlier. The downside to playing this is that it has less bulk and requires you to be holding an expensive eight-mana card. Troll Scavenger and Troll Ravager are some early drops with fair stats and keywords for their cost if you can consistently activate their behold effect. Uzgar the Ancient is an expensive drop that can contest and safely remove most units every single turn due to his Regeneration and Challenger abilities combined. Troll Chant is a potent combat trick that can turn the tide of any even battle due to its ability to have a four-stat combat swing for only two mana. Call the Wild brings up interesting implications as it’s the first Elnuk support that’s a spell, and it combines with both Yetis and Poros. This could mean that more Elnuks are potentially coming this set.

Based on previous analysis, this teases that Trundle will be revealed tomorrow, as all of these cards are Freljord and Troll themed. If we’re continuing speculation, we can expect Trundle to be an expensive and powerful unit to tie the whole Behold mechanic together.

Become troll royalty when these cards and more are dropped when LoR: Call of the Mountain officially releases for PC and Mobile on Aug. 26.