Where to find a Poro Snack in the RiotX Arcane web novel event

Bring the Porofessor back.

Image via Riot Games

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Arcane Netflix series, Riot Games released an interactive visual novel for players to interact with. Dubbed a “cross-game, cross-platform, cross-world experience,” the event takes a little bit from all the popular Riot titles and lets players explore and complete quests to earn various rewards.

One of those main quests involves helping Professor Heimerdinger find his lost Poro, and to bring the Poro back to him, you’ll need to get them a snack.

Where to find a Poro Snack

After Viktor gives you the quest to find the Poro snack, click on the Map on the top left corner of your screen. You’ll see three areas you can travel between, with more areas to be added later. Head to The Lanes.

Once you arrive in The Lanes, you’ll find yourself in front of The Last Drop bar. Either click and drag to the left or scroll up on your mouse wheel to travel to your left. You’ll find an aquatic humanoid called Fishmonger in front of his stand. In a purple puddle to the right of him, you’ll find a Poro Snack with the interactive diamond icon over it. You can pick this up.

Then you’ll need to find the Poro. Open your map again, go to Arts District area you first started in, then travel all the way to the left again. Just to the right of the archway entrance should be the small, puffy Poro. If you click on him after finding the Poro Snack, he’ll make his way back to the Professor. Return to the Professor at Heimerdinger’s Lab to complete the quest.

This should complete the first and only set of quests you’ll have available to you, but more should be added later as the RiotX Arcane event progresses.