Riot introduces RiotX Arcane, a month-long event to celebrate the launch of new Netflix series

"Together with players, we want to establish gaming as the center of global entertainment.”

Image via Riot Games

Two years ago, Riot Games announced that it was making its first animated series with Netflix called Arcane. Now, the time has come to enter the world of Piltover and Zaun in a way that fans have never experienced before.

RiotX Arcane is a new, month-long occasion to celebrate the show and will have both in-person and digital cross-media events that evolve with each set of episodes. The festivities will kick off with a “super weekend” that features two of the company’s biggest moments of the year: the League of Legends World Championship and Arcane’s official premiere.

“With every new step we take, from launching new games to expanding our esports, we’ve always remained focused on bringing players exciting, resonant content that is authentic to the core League of Legends experience,” Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent said. “Today, there are more players enjoying our games worldwide than ever before, validating our confidence in the League of Legends IP as we  begin a new era with the launch of Arcane.”

Beginning with the finals of Worlds 2021, the opening ceremony will feature a performance by Imagine Dragons, PVRIS, Bea Miller, JID, and Denzel Curry, who will take players on an Arcane-themed journey through Piltover and Zaun, which is the main setting for the show.

After the exciting series between EDward Gaming and DWG KIA, the RiotX Arcane global premiere will start at 7:30pm CT and will be broadcast globally on Twitch via the official Riot Twitch channel and through many other Twitch streamers who will be co-streaming the show. The global premiere event will also have an innovative red carpet event for media and streamers who are representing over 30 countries across the globe to broadcast the celebration to their communities.

All of Riot’s titles will have various Arcane-themed features and updates too, including League, VALORANT, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

“To create an experience around the launch of Arcane, we started with our games, the origin of the IP,” Riot’s head of experience Sarah Schutz said. “We hope we’ve created an event that encourages players to celebrate Arcane in their own unique and meaningful ways, as a global community, in and around the games they love.”

As you experience the show in the many ways across Riot’s universe, remember: “When you’re going to change the world, don’t ask for permission.” Arcane will become available on Netflix on Nov. 6.

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