What champions are getting Pool Party skins in League of Legends?

Let's see who's making a splash this summer.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games made waves yesterday by teasing a new set of Pool Party League of Legends skins. At first, however, it wasn’t clear who the champions were.

The initial sneak peek showed off five pairs of legs dipping their toes into a pool, giving fans subtle clues on what the new Pool Party skins will be. League fans were quick to cast their votes in an entertaining guessing game before Riot officially previewed the skins today.

Here are the confirmed newest additions to the Pool Party skin line.

Confirmed Pool Party skins

Taliyah, Orianna, Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger, and Syndra

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot revealed Pool Party Taliyah in its 2020 League roadmap, giving a brief glimpse of what the champion’s ultimate will look like. The Stoneweaver ditches the rocks for a massive wave and an orange surfboard. This same surfboard appears on the far right of yesterday’s teaser, which further confirmed Taliyah as one of the five sun-loving pool-party celebrators.

Today, Riot showcased the other champs that are joining Taliyah as the newest additions to the Pool Party skin line: Orianna, Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger, and Syndra.

Initial theorycrafting


Image via Riot Games

Orianna fans can recognize those robotic legs anywhere. To match the metallic hues of her body, the Lady of Clockwork sports a pair of purple flip flops. And a circular whale floatie that hovers nearby will most likely be her ball of devastation. Orianna also makes an appearance in the splash art for Pool Party Lee Sin, adding fuel to the fire.

And since lore dictates that Orianna is “comprised entirely of clockwork,” splashing in water won’t cause any short circuits.

The umbrella trident

Xin Zhao gets updated base splash art - The Rift Herald
Image via Riot Games

A long-legged man with red flip flops was more of a mystery. Aside from his muscular calves, the only clue Riot offered was an umbrella with a gold trident point. Since Runeterra houses a couple of lance-wielding warriors, the new skin was predicted to belong to Jarvan IV or Xin Zhao—and it’s since been confirmed to be Jarvan.

Jarvan uses his lance to uphold Demacian values. But his stock skin doesn’t feature three points at the top of the weapon. Xin’s stock, Imperial, and Secret Agent skins, however, use a three-pronged spear.

A unique tattoo

Karma, the Enlightened One - League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

There aren’t too many League champs who have ink, helping us narrow down the search a bit. The woman lying next to the trident wielder has what looks like a tribal tattoo on her leg, as well as a bracelet around her ankle.

Many believe this to be Jinx, since she’s inked up all over her body. But her tattoos are all cloud-shaped. And it’s hard to believe that Zaun’s most maniacal criminal would be calmly lounging next to her fellow legends.

Karma also has a tattoo on her leg, as seen in her splash art. And her skirt could have potentially been turned into a transparent beach outfit for relaxing by the pool.

But it’s now been confirmed that this champ was Syndra.

A mysterious Yordle

Corki | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom
Image via Riot Games

It’s hard to miss the orange pair of furry feet sitting poolside in the teaser. It appears a Yordle will be getting a Pool Party skin—but which one?

Ziggs already has a Pool Party skin. So, by process of elimination, that leaves another 12 Yordles to choose from. But a pair of goggles lying idly next to the champ may point us in the right direction.

Heimerdinger, Corki, and Teemo each have goggles as a part of their outfit. A floating blue duck in the middle of the pool might also belong to the mysterious Yordle, however. The duck can potentially be Corki’s flying contraption or a Heimerdinger turret. One of those two Yordles likely made the cut for Pool Party skins.

Heimerdinger has since been confirmed to get one of the newest Pool Party skins.