LCS 2021 roster tracker

Here are all 10 LCS rosters.

Image via Riot Games

From Doublelift’s decision to retire from pro play on Wednesday, Nov. 25 to TSM’s move to sign SwordArt for a record-breaking $6 million a day later, this has been one of the most exciting and intense offseasons in LCS history. And that’s just TSM.

While teams like FlyQuest have made a few important moves, bringing on Licorice, Palafox, and Diamond in one fell swoop, teams like Cloud9, who signed Perkz, and Team Liquid, who acquired Alphari and Santorin, have made far greater strides. 

Here are all of the confirmed rosters heading into the 2021 LCS season.

100 Thieves

  • Top: Ssumday
  • Jungle: Closer
  • Mid: Damonte
  • ADC: FBI
  • Support: Huhi


  • Top: Fudge
  • Jungle: Blaber
  • Mid: Perkz
  • ADC: Zven
  • Support: Vulcan


  • Top: Finn
  • Jungle: Broxah, Griffin
  • Mid: Rjs, Pobelter
  • ADC: WildTurtle
  • Support: Smoothie


  • Top: FakeGod
  • Jungle: Dardoch
  • Mid: Soligo
  • ADC: Neo
  • Support: Aphromoo

Evil Geniuses

  • Top: Impact
  • Jungle: Svenskeren
  • Mid: Jiizuke
  • ADC: Deftly
  • Support: IgNar


  • Top: Licorice
  • Jungle: Josedeodo
  • Mid: Palafox
  • ADC: Johnsun
  • Support: Diamond

Golden Guardians

  • Top: Niles
  • Jungle: Iconic
  • Mid: Ablazeolive
  • ADC: Stixxay
  • Support: Newbie


  • Top: Revenge
  • Jungle: Xerxe
  • Mid: Insanity
  • ADC: Raes
  • Support: Destiny

Team Liquid

  • Top: Alphari
  • Jungle: Santorin
  • Mid: Jensen
  • ADC: Tactical
  • Support: CoreJJ


  • Top: Huni
  • Jungle: Spica
  • Mid: PowerofEvil
  • ADC: Lost
  • Support: SwordArt

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