Cloud9 officially acquires Perkz from G2

The mid laner will make his debut in the LCS.

Photo via Riot Games

One of the best European League of Legends players is heading to the LCS. 

North American organization Cloud9 confirmed the acquisition of former G2 mid and bot laner Perkz today. He’ll replace Nisqy, who’s reportedly heading to Fnatic. Perkz will be replaced in G2’s bot lane by Rekkles, one of the best ADCs in Europe, while Caps retains his position in the mid lane.

The thought of the LEC losing Perkz has sent shockwaves through the region this month. After qualifying for the EU LCS in 2016, Perkz finished either first or second in every regular season split except for the 2018 and 2020 Summer Splits. 

Aside from being considered one of the best Western players of all time, Perkz is known for his leadership and selflessness. In 2019 and the latter half of 2020, Perkz opted to move to the bot lane so Caps could retain his mid lane position. Perkz won MSI 2019, Rift Rivals 2019 NA-EU, and both splits, including the playoffs, during this time in 2019. 

Perkz had been linked with a move away from G2 as early as the conclusion of Worlds 2020. G2 had a disappointing top-four finish after the team bowed out to eventual winners DAMWON Gaming in the semifinals. 

His link to C9 was strengthened recently following several reports, but the mid laner’s next team was essentially solidified on Nov. 19. Following the launch of C9’s membership program, Stratus, fans were welcomed by a video from Perkz

League fans will get their first look at Perkz in a C9 jersey next year in the LCS.