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Best Hammerdin Paladin build in Last Epoch

Hammerdin builds are back again.

With the amount of build diversity in Last Epoch, picking the right class and build can be tough. If you prefer a spellcasting tank that can blow up enemies, the Hammerdin Paladin might be the build for you.

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Last Epoch Smite Hammerdin build

The Hammerdin build is a throwback to the early days of Diablo 2 with the classic Blessed Hammers build. In Last Epoch, however, your main damage source as a Hammerdin is Smite, which you apply using the skill itself, as well as Hammer Throw. With the right specializations, this combination can clear screens of enemies in no time.

This build is inspired by our need to recreate a Hammerdin for a modern audience with concepts from notable content creator Volca. To make this build functional optimally, we recommend leveling your Paladin to at least level 50, if not level 75, with enough skill and passive points to reallocate.


An image of the Sentinel's passives in Last Epoch.
Building up his stats. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The key passives for the Sentinel class, regardless of build, revolve around a few stats: Strength, Vitality, Block chance, Armor, and Resistances. There are quite a few interesting off-meta passive choices you can get as you level up, since Last Epoch allows you to respec skills with very few resources. For an optimal endgame build, pick these options.

Sentinel passives

Sentinel PassiveStats gained
JuggernautStrength, Fire Resistance, Void Resistance
FearlessVitality, Health Regen
RelentlessDamage, Stun Avoidance
Armor CladArmor, Reduced Damage Taken
StalwartBlock Chance, Block Effectiveness
Valiant ChargeHealth, Cooldown for Movement Skills
Aegis of RenewalChance to recover Health when Blocking

Paladin passives

The bulk of your passive points will go into this tree.

Paladin PassiveStats gained
ConvictionDamage and Penetration: Physical, Fire, Lightning
HonorBlock Effectiveness, Stun Avoidance
ValorHealth, Healing Effectiveness
Holy SymbolCast Holy Symbol on Block, Healing
Blinding LightBlind Chance, Endurance
HeavenfireSpell damage (when equipping a Shield)
Holy Nova (optional)Holy Symbol also heals allies
Prayer (optional)Increased damage and healing (self) upon healing an ally
Sanctuary GuardianArmor, Spell damage (when equipping a Shield)
Faith ArmorArmor, Critical Strike Avoidance
Alignment (optional)Healing Effectiveness
Shield WallBlock Chance, Health recovery, Cannot Dodge
Holy PrecisionLightning damage, Spell Critical Chance, Throwing Critical Chance
Divine Essence (optional)Chance of Divine Essence when healing self/ally
Reverence of DualityHealth, Damage, Mana, Healing Effectiveness
Light of RahyehFire damage, Lightning damage, Movement speed
Divine Intervention (optional)Chance to resurrect when at least three Divine Essences are active

If you are playing multiplayer or Hardcore, the optional passives mentioned above would work better. For a solo player, you can completely skip them and invest more points into the remaining passives.

Forge Guard/Void Knight passives

The final passive points are reallocated into the other two class Masteries.

PassiveStats gained
Battle Hardened (Forge Guard)Armor, Physical Resistance
Weapons Master (Forge Guard)Strength, Melee damage, Throwing damage
Steel Aegis (Forge Guard)Block Chance, Block Effectiveness
Abyssal Endurance (Void Knight)Health, Void Resistance, Physical Resistance
Void Corruption (Void Knight)Critical Multiplier (per Void Knight passive point)
Patient Doom (Void Knight)Increased Damage (every three seconds)

Skill Build

An image of the Sentinel's skills in Last Epoch.
The right skills for this build. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Hammerdin build deals damage primarily through Smite and its specializations. You proc this skill by using revolving hammers spawned from Hammer Throw‘s modifications. With the right specializations and points to respec, this build destroys enemies from level 50 and beyond.

1) Hammer Throw (Sentinel level three)

Hammer Throw is the primary skill for this build. The main specializations are Iron Spiral and Hammer Vortex.

Winged HammersIncreased Hammer projectile speed
Force of ImpactIncreased Hammer damage, Increased Stun chance
Rapid ThrowIncreased Hammer attack speed
Steadfast PathChance to deal double damage, Hammers no longer rebound
CatapultExtra Hammer projectiles, Increased mana cost
BallistaIncreased Hammer damage, Reduced mana cost
Iron SpiralHammers spiral around the Paladin, Fewer projectiles, Increased mana cost
Hammer VortexIron Spiral orbits the Paladin, Increased mana cost
Guardian’s ZealGrants Zeal stack on usage (three stacks max)
Zealot’s ConvictionIncreased chance to deal double damage

2) Smite (20 Sentinel passive points)

Smite is the big damage dealer. The main specializations are Order of Lagon and Unbalanced Scale.

Blinding FlashBlind chance, Bonus damage to blinded targets
Pillars of LightChance to double cast for no extra mana cost
SacrificeIncreased damage, Additional health cost on cast
AtonementSacrifice consumes less health
Deep ImpactIncreased Critical multiplier
ConvictionIncreased Critical strike chance, Reduced cast speed
PietyChance to Electrify on hit
Order of LagonSkill damage type changes to Lightning
Charged HandIncreased Electrify duration and Lightning Penetration
Unbalanced ScaleAdditionally casts three Lightning bolts, Increased mana cost

3) Holy Aura (Paladin unique skill)

Holy Aura provides movement speed and elemental resistance to you and your allies. The main specializations are Purification, Call to Arms, and Shelter From the Storm.

Vital BoonIncreased Health Regeneration
Shelter From the StormIncreased Elemental resistance, Increased Endurance
Call to ArmsIncreased Physical damage
PurificationCleanse on activation, Increased Poison resistance
Strength From AfarIncreased Throwing attack damage and Stun chance
FanaticismIncreased Attack speed, Increased Cast speed
ExpediteChance to gain Haste, Increased Throwing attack speed
True StrikeIncreased Critical Strike chance
Demoralizing AuraSlows enemies on activation
SwiftnessIncreased Dodge rating

4) Sigils of Hope (15 Paladin passive points)

Sigils of Hope grants bonus damage and health regeneration. The main specialization is Meditation.

Empowering SigilsIncreased damage
Iron SigilsIncreased Endurance
Word of AlacrityIncreased Cast speed, Increased healing
Last WishChance to summon a Sigil on kill
FaithIf an attack damages the caster for 25 percent of their maximum health, a Sigil is consumed to heal them
FervorFaith casts Haste on activation
Enduring HopeSigils last longer
TetragramIncreases max Sigil count by one
MeditationDoubles healing but Sigils only affect the caster
Sign of the GuardianIncreased Block Chance and Block Effectiveness

5) Volatile Reversal (Five Void Knight passive points)

Volatile Reversal doubles as a survival skill and a traversal skill. The main specializations are Timelost Wisdom and Timelost Vitality.

Time SapChance to recover cooldown on kill and boss hit
Incipient Void RiftSpawns a Void Rift on the cast location
Traveler’s FatigueIncreased cooldown recovery speed, Reduced health regeneration
Terminal Void RiftSpawns a Void Rift on the arrival location
Catching UpIncreased Movement speed
Warped TimeIncreased Attack speed, Increased Cast speed
Timelost VitalityIncreased cooldown recovery speed, No longer recovers health on cast
Dark ExpanseIncreased AOE of Void Rifts
Harbinger of DustVoid Rifts cause affected enemies to take increased damage
Timelost WisdomIncreased cooldown recovery speed, No longer restores mana on cast

Required Gear

An image of the Sentinel's inventory in Last Epoch.
Gear maketh the Hammerdin. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The right gear for a Hammerdin Paladin revolves around a couple of unique items and other Exalted items with specific stats. Complete the early Monolith Echoes in the End of Time to acquire most of what you need. Alternatively, you can also complete Prophecies with specific rewards to get them.

Gear slots

The best-in-slot gear items are as follows.

Main WeaponWand with: Spell damage, Critical Strike chance, Critical Strike multiplier
Off-hand weaponFace of the Mountain
HelmHelmet with: Resistances, Health, Armor
Body ArmorArmor with: Reduced Crit damage taken Health, Mana, Armor
BeltBelt with: Health, Armor, Ward Gain, Resistances
GlovesGloves with: Lightning damage, Throwing attack speed
BootsBoots with: Movement Speed, Health, Armor
RingsRings with: Critical Strike chance, Critical Strike multiplier, Lightning damage
AmuletEviscerating Devotion
RelicRelic with: Spell damage, Health, Resistances/Armor


Idols grant passive bonuses to the Hammerdin. These Idols’ stats are quite random, so farm them via Monolith Echoes and Prophecies to get what you need. The essential stats are as follows.

  • Chance to cast Smite with Throwing attacks
  • Chance to Shred Armor with Throwing attacks
  • Increased Health
  • Increased Armor
  • Increased Resistances
  • Increased Lightning Damage

You need to unlock enough space in your Idol Container to equip all of the Idols for this build. To do this, complete all of the side quests in the main campaign.


An image of the Sentinel's Blessings in Last Epoch.
True endgame power. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Blessings are the final piece of the endgame puzzle. Depending on the Blessings you equip, you can push the limits of your stats or use other types of Blessings to farm gear. There are 10 Timelines to complete in the Monolith of Fate, each rewarding you with a choice of three Blessings.

Fall of the OutcastsMark of AgonyIncreased Adorned Idol Drop Rate
The Stolen LanceBinds of SanctuaryIncreased Shield Drop Rate
The Black SunHunger of the VoidSpell Damage leeched as Health
Blood, Frost, and DeathCruelty of FormosusIncreased Wand Drop Rate
Ending the StormBastion of DivinityIncreased Elemental Resistance
Fall of the EmpireShadows of InfinityIncreased Relic Shard Drop Rate
Reign of DragonsResolve of HumanityIncreased All Resistance
The Last RuinKnowledge of SkillIncreased Skill Shard Drop Rate
The Age of WinterBones of EternityIncreased Block Effectiveness
Spirits of FireBody of ObsidianIncreased Armor

After unlocking Empowered Monoliths, you unlock Grand versions of each Blessing, maximizing your endgame Last Epoch stats and farming power.

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