How to deal with the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

Learn how to encounter the game's biggest creature.

A forest keeper next to a ship in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

One Lethal Company creature in particular elevates the Hazard Levels: the Forest Keepers. These behemoths can run players down and eat them as a quick snack, though not always for the sake of satiating hunger.

Thus, one question permeates the Lethal Company community: How do you actually beat forest keepers?

Can you kill Forest Keepers in Lethal Company?

Before we get into the strategy of beating them, we need to answer the question of killing them. Unfortunately, these creatures and many others cannot be killed by the player directly, but there is one catch.

They also have weaknesses that can be easily exploited to ensure you survive any encounter with them. But you will require a ton of equipment; we’ll detail that in the following section.

How to beat Forest Keepers in Lethal Company?

Forest Keeper from Lethal Company eating a player.
The Forest Keepers love eating stuff, including you. Image via Fandom

Forest Keepers can be beaten, outsmarted, and outran, though everything depends on the situation.

1) Hide under cover

Forest Keepers are enormous, and we mean colossal, which is as much a weakness as a strength. They cannot bend over and reach into low-lying cover, meaning your best friend will be any form of cover you can crouch under. The railings of your ship will most often serve this function, and even though the Forest Keeper may clip through the railing or the ship, they cannot reach you. You can also go inside buildings to quickly escape them, leaving you vulnerable to other creatures. The ship will likely be the best place to run into, but you should stay away from the doors to prevent any unfortunate hitboxes from getting you eaten alive.

2) Use items

Several items can serve you well when facing off Forest Keepers. All of them can be purchased at the terminal and should be considered generally, not only in this situation. They are:

  • TZP-Inhalants: If you’re trying to find cover and want to get there fast, take a TZP-Inhalant. This item boosts your movement speed, allowing you to outrun a Forest Keeper, as they can easily catch up to a default moving player; especially one carrying loot. You should also drop your items when trying to outpace the giants.
  • Stun Grenades: As of version 40 of Lethal Company, Forest Keepers can be stunned, even while trying to eat one of your teammates. Stunning them gives you an excellent window to escape and allows you even to save someone they may have already caught. You cannot stun them to save yourself, so always have a stun grenade or two on each crew member for safe measure. Stun grenades also work on other enemies.
  • Jetpack: The jetpack, while reliable, can boost you vertically and horizontally, allowing you to stay beyond the Forest Keepers’ reach. It’s not a great tool to use, though when facing off a Forest Giant directly, you may try it as it’s better than nothing.

3) Keep a great distance and break line of sight

A player and a Forest Keeper in Lethal Company.
Hide on the ship and behind walls. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Forest Keepers have a massive field of vision and can spot players from really far away, thanks to their bulging eyes. Even in foggy conditions, when you cannot see a thing, the Forest Giants can easily spot you and begin their hunt. What you can do to avoid them is to keep a massive distance between yourself and the Forest Keeper. To determine when you’re safe, listen for the loud thumps they make when moving, and if you cannot hear them, you’re likely good for now but stay on your toes. Staying behind cover and moving while they’re not looking are also good ideas.

Though they see far and wide, Forest Keepers are deaf, so breaking the line of sight by hiding behind cover will provide you with a slim escape opportunity so long as they don’t turn around to bite you.

3) Avoid Eclipsed moons

The best way of beating the Forest Keepers is by not seeing them. They have a knack for spawning more frequently on moons that are forested and Eclipsed, meaning you should stay away from both as much as possible. Though they can spawn on other moons, Vow and March are the two moons most populated with Forest Keepers, which makes sense as both contain luscious woods. The tow moons are early-game areas that can easily be skipped once you get to the later parts of the game, as they don’t really have valuable loot.

4) Lure them into Earth Leviathans

An Earth Leviathan in flight in Lethal Company.
Earth Leviathans prey on Forest Keepers and players. Image via Fandom

Forest Keepers have one enemy that can kill them, and that’s the Earth Leviathans. The player cannot do anything, and the way an Earth Leviathan can kill a Forest Keeper is very situational but not entirely impossible. What you need to do is provoke an Earth Leviathan to jump while a Forest Keeper is pursuing you in full sprint.

If you manage to align them correctly, you’ll see that the giant sandworm has had his lunch for the day, and you live to tell the tale. Leviathans have massive area-of-effect jumps, so surviving one is improbable, but if you do pull it off, make sure to post it online.

What are Forest Keepers in Lethal Company?

They are a deadly giant foe, and according to the lore, they’re related to the Bracken. You’ll know the latter as the big, void-like fiend with glowing white eyes that pursues you if you look at it too often or too little. The lore also states that, while Forest Giants like eating things, they don’t do it out of hunger, but curiosity. Their huge eyes on the front give them incredible vision, which is a forewarning on how to approach them. So long as you’re hiding, these giants won’t spark their lethal curiosity and lead to your untimely demise.


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