NZXT H1 V2 aims to correct predecessor’s missteps

Fire hazard free.

Image via NZXT

NZXT has launched an updated version of its small form factor H1 case that makes amends for its prior attempt. After having clearly listened to the community and reviewers, NZXT’s quirky small form factor case is back on track.

When NZXT’s H1 case launched in 2020, it was met with one part excitement and three parts disappointment. On one hand, the H1 presented a unique all-in-one small form factor case, but on the other, the poor airflow, limited GPU compatibility, and an unforgivable PCIe riser cable fire hazard that tainted the case’s reputation as well as NZXT’s. Now, the NZXT H1 V2 has remedied many issues that plagued its first attempt.

Image via NZXT

NZXT has made improvements to the underpowered PSU, PCIe riser cable, front I/O ports, and the overall size of the case. These changes address key issues like airflow and graphics card compatibility. Aside from major changes, the H1 V2 retains its 140-millimeter AIO.

Bumping the size of the case from 12.6 liters to 15.6 allows for more clearance. The H1 V2 can fit GPUs up to 324 millimeters long and 58 millimeters thick as opposed to its predecessor’s maximum GPU length of 305 millimeters. For smaller cards, this allows a bit more breathing room than the previous version of the H1.

Image via NZXT

The step up from a 650W PSU to a 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU also informs the case’s expanded GPU support. A 750W PSU is the recommended wattage for an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090. With the extended dimensions, the H1 V2 can fit certain RTX 3090 GPUs, but measurements will vary from partner card to partner card. Although, the 140-millimeter AIO may not be sufficient enough to cool 30 series GPUs, so beware of that going in.

Image via NZXT

Front I/O ports also got a much-needed upgrade. The first H1 only featured one USB-A, a single USB-C, and a 3.5-millimeter jack. Now, the H1 V2 ships with two USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a 3.5-millimeter jack. It may not seem like much but most cases ship with at least two USB-A ports. It may now feature a USB-C port, but Cooler Master’s NR200p case incorporated two ports on its first outing.

Finally, the PCIe riser cable is fire-hazard-free this time around, which isn’t much to brag about. The issue was resolved following a recall conducted by NZXT a little too long after the discovery of the issue. Gamers Nexus publicly rallied for a recall after reportedly having their concerns dismissed by the case manufacturer. NZXT’s CEO Johnny Hou later apologized for the company’s oversight and response. Hou also publicly thanked Steve and Gamers Nexus in the apology.

The NZXT H1 V2 cleans up a lot of its predecessor’s issues and makes a compelling case for itself as a nearly complete PC. NZXT set the price for the H1 V2 at $399.99.