Nintendo Switch named most fragile product of 2019 by French consumers’ association

Joy-Con drifting persists.

Photo via Max Pixel

The Nintendo Switch has had a troubling year due to the problems found in its Joy-Con controllers.

The Switch Joy-Con controllers have issues with their analog sticks that can lead to drifting issues, which cause the analog sticks to act as though they’re being pushed forward even if left untouched. These issues force people to send the controllers back to Nintendo for fixing, which is free in the US but costs a small fee in other parts of the world.

The drifting issues have led the French consumer’s association to label Nintendo as one of the worst companies of the year in the country alongside chain stores like FNC. The Joy-Cons were the main reason behind the inclusion.

The issue doesn’t stop with the original Switch model either. The Nintendo Switch Lite also has similar Joy-Con issues. But unlike the original Switch model where players can detach the Joy-Con and replace it, if the issue arises in the Lite version, they would need to send their whole console back to Nintendo to repair, potentially losing all your progress with games along with it.

It remains to be seen how Nintendo will handle hardware issues in the new year, but if this one is anything to go by, we imagine Nintendo to continuously sweep it under the rug and entice players with new games as a distraction to the ever-growing issues.