Nintendo reportedly set to use Nvidia’s DLSS technology in upcoming Switch model

This could allow for 4K support on the console.

Image via Nintendo

More information regarding the rumored upgraded Nintendo Switch has surfaced online, sharing some features the device will boast.

In a new report by Bloomberg, the upcoming Nintendo Switch model will sport a new Nvidia GPU chip that will support DLSS. Using AI, DLSS will ultimately allow the Switch to run at a higher frame rate and could potentially facilitate 4K upscaling, confirming previous reports that support would be added with the new console.

Currently, the DLSS technology that is believed to be included in the new Switch consoles can be seen in action in Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics cards.

Along with an upgraded GPU, the device is also reported to have a better CPU to power the device as well as more memory. The article also reiterated Bloomberg’s earlier report that the new model will boast a larger, higher-quality OLED display.

With all these new features, analysts are predicting the new console to release with a $399.99 price tag. This is substantially more than the $299.99 price tag that was assigned to the base model Switch on its release in 2017.

At this price point, Nintendo gamers will have three options at distinctly different price points to choose from, with the Switch Lite being the cheapest and the currently unnamed device as the most.

The new console is reportedly set to launch later this year. No official plans to launch a new Switch console in 2021 have been confirmed by Nintendo.