New Nintendo Switch hardware details potentially included in Nvidia leak

Nothing is official but interesting new details may have been unearthed.

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Image via Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Nvidia was hit with a substantial ransomware attack last week, which affected multiple internal systems, and saw the hacker group LAPSUS$ claim responsibility, threatening to leak some of the reported terabytes of data stolen in the attack. 

In a screenshot obtained by TechPowerUp, what looks to be the source-code of Nvidia’s deep learning super sampling (DLSS) or image upscaling technology has leaked, while potentially hinting at a future Nintendo Switch project too. 

As shown in the alleged leak and pointed out by multiple Twitter users, the files listed under “NVN2” tie into previous reports Nintendo’s next iteration of the Switch will utilize a custom Nvidia system-on-chip GPU that will support DLSS. 

This is backed up further by modder NWPlayer123, who notes these files still utilize the Switch’s original pre-launch codename, NX, while referencing Nvidia’s T234 or Tegra Orin processor. A T239 is also listed, which is the custom chip Nintendo will reportedly utilize and could support ray tracing, DLSS 2.2, and more.

The Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED all utilize the Tegra X1 Mariko, which have been rumored to be discontinued since last March. Around the same time, information about a new Switch model started surfacing that would use Nvidia system-on-chip GPU with DLSS, potential 4K upscaling, and more. 

All detailed accounts of the data also mention the continued use of NX and the NVN API naming, which points to this new processor being developed for the long-awaited Switch Pro rather than a sequel console. This lines up with Nintendo’s continued position that the Switch is in the middle of its life cycle and can be extended further. 

None of this information found in the leak has been confirmed, and it is unlikely Nvidia will actually ever do so. With that in mind, take everything worth a grain of salt until we hear more about the future of the Switch.