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Eris vs Melinoe battle start
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Hades 2 Eris boss guide: How to beat and all rewards

May the best shooter win.

Beating any enemy in Hades 2 is a challenge, let alone tough-as-nail bosses like Eris.

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I’m sure you enjoyed your time on the Surface in Hades 2 until you ran into the Eris boss fight. This daughter of Nyx can pierce a hole in Melinoë and send her back to The Crossroads in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful enough. As the guardian of the Rift of Thessaly, Eris uses every weapon in her arsenal to deplete your health bar, so learning her moveset and knowing how to counter it is a must. In this guide, I’ll show you how to defeat Eris in Hades 2.

Best loadout against Eris in Hades 2

Eris vs Melinoe battle start
Melinoë… Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best loadout against Eris in Hades 2 is equipping the Sister Blades and trying to get as many agility and speed-related boons as possible.

Best weapon

When it comes to agility, there’s no faster weapon than the Sister Blades. If you favor melee-focused builds, this is the weapon you should pick from the training grounds.

If you’d rather go ranged, I suggest bringing the Argent Skull to make the boss fight against Eris much easier.

Neither of these weapons is particularly strong, so expect the boss battle to drag a bit.

Best Boons

Any Boon that helps you move faster and deal burst damage is welcome. A few I picked up along the way are Apollo’s Back Burner, which deals extra damage when you backstab someone, Circe’s Word of Smaller Fortune, which gives you extra speed and a Dodge chance, and Hermes’ Greater Evasion, which gives you a passive Dodge chance so you don’t get caught in Eris’ projectiles.

Best Hexes

It’s hard to find specific Hexes in Hades 2, but if you pick up one, go for Phase Shift, which makes everything move 80 percent for five seconds. A solid second-best is Lunar Ray, which fires a beam with 1,200 damage over three seconds to help deplete Eris’ health.

Eris moveset in Hades 2

Here’s every attack Eris can perform during her boss battle in Hades 2 and how you can counter it.

Visual refenceEris’ attacksHow to counter
Eris dropping a bombEris throws bombs in the arena.Avoid the telegraphed red circles on the floor.
Eris shooting a projectileEris spins counterclockwise and shoots projectiles.Eris spins counterclockwise and shoots projectiles.
Eris flying away.Eris flies away and drops a few enemies in the arena.Deal with the smaller enemies until she returns.
Eris shooting V-shaped projectilesEris shoots a wave of V-shaped projectiles.Stand in the center of the V to avoid damage.
Eris dropping bombsEris marks a wide range of the arena with red circles before dropping explosives from the sky.Use your Sprint to reach the unmarked portions of the arena.
Eris targeting MelinoeEris targets you with a pink laser and shoots.Wait until the laser turns into a pink projectile to dodge.

Strategy to beat Eris in Hades 2

Eris dropping bombs
Skulls vs. Eris. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To beat Eris in Hades 2, you need agility, timing, and a bit of cunning. 

With Eris’ rapid dashes and aerial bombardments, facing her head-on isn’t the smartest move. Instead, focus on outmaneuvering her.

Firstly, invest heavily in enhancing your Dash and Sprint abilities with Boons. These upgrades grant you the speed needed to match Eris step for step, which helps you dodge her attacks and close in for your own strikes.

When you engage Eris, avoid the temptation to flee in a straight line. She’s a sharpshooter and will make quick work of any escape attempt. Instead, try circular sprinting or sudden directional changes to throw off her aim and gain time to counterattack.

Keep an eye on Eris’ reloads—they’re prime opportunities to switch to the offensive. Use your most powerful attacks during these windows to maximize damage and chip away at her health.

Be careful with Eris’ damage boosts at specific health thresholds. Focus on evasion, using cover, and exploiting her vulnerabilities only when safe.

You can also use the environment to your advantage

  1. Apple statues can provide temporary cover.
  2. Bait Eris into charging at oil barrels can deal significant damage.

With these tips, you’re ready to face the daughter of Nyx and progress on the Surface path.

Rewards for defeating Eris in Hades 2

Using the gold apple
Oh, shiny. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As a reward for beating Eris in Hades 2, you get a Golden Apple. You can use this item to perform the Insight into Offerings Incantation, craft the Aspect of Eos weapon aspect, or unlock Arcana Card XXIV: Divinity back at The Crossroads.

  • Insight into Offerings Incantation: Reveals a complete list of every Olympian Boon in your Book of Shadows. Besides the Golden Apple, you also need two Ambrosia and two Poppies.
  • Aspect of Eos: With this Aspect, your attacks grow bigger and stronger over four seconds.
  • Arcana Card XIV Divinity: Once activated and awakened, this card boosts every Boon you may have by 10%, with a slight chance to improve them to Epic.

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