Tracking down a Fuel Truck in the Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare
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Gray Zone Warfare Fuel Shortage quest guide: How to check the fuel truck in GZW

Your Base Camp needs more fuel.

You’ve been to the Sawmill a few times in Gray Zone Warfare, and now Gunny needs a hand with checking a few supplies from that location. Your Base Camp needs fuel, and there’s a fuel truck at the Sawmill you need to check out.

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The fuel truck will be in a guarded location, and tracking it down won’t be easy. There are a few locations where you might be able to find it, and like nearly every location in GZW, a handful of NPCs are ready to protect it. We can help narrow down where you need to go and point you in the correct direction to find this fuel truck, completing the Fuel Shortage quest for Gunny.

Where to find the fuel truck for Fuel Shortage in Gray Zone Warfare

Sawmill map location in Gray Zone Warfare
Make your way to the center of the Sawmill to find the fuel truck. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The fuel truck you need to find for the Fuel Shortage quest in GZW is directly at the center of the Sawmill. It’s north of the offices, and multiple NPCs heavily guard it. Of the two landing zone (LZ) locations you can visit, I recommend heading to Echo 2 to the south. It makes it easy to cross the bridge to the north and sweep directly into the heart of the Sawmill, but expect the NPCs to be waiting for you.

These NPCs should be familiar if you’ve been to the Sawmill before working on the I Went, I Saw, I Conquered II, and When a Tree Falls quests. Many of them have light armor, and a few shots to the head should make short work of them. I recommend bringing a weapon with a reliable scope and a silencer to assist in masking your approach, but there’s a chance if they get a shot off, other NPCs will rush to their aid. You’re better off taking it slow, eliminating them individually, and making your way to the fuel truck.

Interact with fuel truck at Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare
Approach the fuel truck to interact with the side panel. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When you get to the fuel truck, make your way to the right side of it and interact with the terminal. All you have to do is check to see if there’s fuel in it, and after confirming it does have fuel, that’s all you need to do for Gunny. 

You can now return to your preferred LZ and report back to Base Camp. Gunny will want to hear your report, and this completes the Fuel Shortage quest in GZW.

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