Where to find the Twinblade in Elden Ring

Give it back to Darth Maul once you're done, though.

Screengrab via FromSoftware

The choices in Elden Ring can feel limitless when it comes to customizing your character. Aside from adjusting your character’s looks, you’ll also be able to decide on your combat style.

After picking a class, you’ll need to settle with a weapon type. Remember, you can always experiment with a range of different weapons throughout your journey, as long as you find them in Elden Ring’s vast open world.

Twinblade is one of the more agile weapons in the game, allowing players to make quicker attacks than heavier weapons. While heavy-hitting weapons will require you to time your attacks to avoid exposure, Twinblade may force you to get more comfortable with close-range juking. 

Where is Twinblade located in Elden Ring?

Screengrab via FromSoftware

Players can find the Twinlade in Dragon-Burnt Ruins, in Agheel Lake.

  • Once you’re at the location look for a building that doesn’t have an entry point
  • Use your horse to jump over the wall
  • There will be a stone staircase leading to the basement inside the building. Follow the stairs and head over to the basement
  • You’ll find a chest in the basement which will be storing the Twinblade

You’ll only need to open the chest to add the Twinblade to your collection. Not only Twinblade is a powerful weapon, but it’s also one of the easier ones to obtain, even if you’re in the earlier stages of the game.

All you’ll need to find Twinblade will be a horse since jumping over the brick walls is the hardest part of getting to the popular double-bladed Elden Ring weapon.