Sjokz to host CS:GO and LoL for ESL in Belgium

ESL Proximus is Sjokz's first non-Riot event since becoming a freelancer this month.

Photo via Riot Games

Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere is one of the best-known esports hosts in the world. After hosting the EU LCS analyst desk for years as an employee of Riot Games, she stepped out on her own as a freelancer just a few weeks ago. And now she has her first independent gig, hosting ESL Proximus in her home country of Belgium.

Sjokz has worked with ESL before as a host for IEM’s League of Legends events. But this time, she will expand her skills to cover CS:GO for the first time. It’s great to see one of League’s most talented hosts extend her skills to another game in a totally different category.

The ESL Proximus Championship is the Belgian national open competition for League of Legends and CS:GO. The event boasts a prize pool of €20,000 over the two games. The CS:GO teams will also have the chance to participate in the ESL Pro European Championship.

Sjokz started as an interviewer and content creator in the League of Legends scene. She moved to Berlin, Germany four years ago to become the host for the EU LCS broadcast. Since then, she’s traveled the world hosting for Riot Games and she’s become a staple presence at League’s biggest international events. In her freelance announcement, she said that she would continue to host the EU LCS while working “on a larger variety of projects.”

Given the strong work she’s done for League, ESL and CS:GO are lucky to have her for this event.