How to link your Among Us accounts

In Among Us players need to be careful when connecting electric cables, accusing someone, and when linking their accounts.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us players can now link their account to various platforms where the game is available. With the new items and leveling system, released on Nov. 9, it’s important for Among Us players to have their account connected on every device they have the game on.

But, as stated in Innersloth’s Emergency Meeting article yesterday, players need to read in-game instructions “VERY carefully,” so that they don’t “overwrite” the wrong Among Us account. 

To link the accounts in Among Us, players first need to enter the game. Once on the homepage, click on the Account icon, the red crewman, placed on the top left of the screen. 

After opening the Account Info page, players will see a description of their characters, including name, height, and XP cumulated. Under the box containing the main information, there are three buttons. Click the one in the middle, “Link Account,” to pass to the Linking Account section.

Before proceeding further, the system will then ask for players’ confirmation for linking that specific account. Players need to be careful when confirming the linkage, as they could potentially overwrite any progress they’ve made with other accounts.

In the article announcing the new update, however, Innersloth said “stars,” one of the new Among Us in-game currency, purchased on Nintendo Switch will only be usable on that game system. 

After clicking “Continue,” players will find one last screen with more information about the linkage. Since the account will be reset before proceeding any further, players will once again be asked to confirm their decision.

Since the linkage of the account is connected to the XP gained by playing, players who want to proceed with it should do so before gaining a lot of experience points. Otherwise, they would lose all the progression cumulated in their account. 

This is part of a major update released on Nov. 9 on Among Us.