How to earn Beans and XP in Among Us

You can grind those for free.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Cosmicubes, a major update introduced in Among Us today, will change how the survival online game is played and has added a plethora of new customizable options.

The new patch has added adjustable roles, a new in-game store, and Cosmicubes. The Cosmicubes are themed items that players can unlock through a progression path. These items, in Innersloth words, “tend to be more special or detailed” and are bought using Beans or Stars.

Image via Innersloth

Stars are an Among Us currency that players can buy with real-life cash. But there’s a way to purchase Cosmicube items for free through Beans, which are in-game rewards that are awarded to players through normal online gameplay. Beans can be used to redeem cosmetics and some, not all, Cosmicubes in the store.

Beans aren’t the only reward you’ll earn for playing Among Us. The game, from now on, will also give you XP based on playtime. The XP will be used by players to level up their character and it also provides multiplier bonuses for Beans earned whenever you gain a new level.

The new items and XP will carry on if you link your Among Us account to different platforms. The game is available for PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, and will launch for Xbox and PlayStation on Dec. 14.