How to get Crocs in NBA 2K22

Playing ball with Crocs in real-life may not yield similar results.

Screengrab via 2K Games

If you’re looking to out-class your opponents in NBA 2K22, you’ll need to learn new skills and master your gameplay. Looking good on the court doesn’t technically affect your performance, but everyone wants to rock a solid fit while showing off their skills in NBA 2K22.

The definition of a solid fit changes from player to player since some players prefer having fun with their in-game appearance while others take it more seriously. Technically, Crocs weren’t designed to play basketball in real life, but that doesn’t matter in NBA 2K22, and the way Crocs stand out makes them the perfect fit for meme outfits.

Players who want to unlock Crocs for their character will need 15,000 Virtual Currency (VC) to cover the costs. If your wallet is ready, make your way to Swag’s Main Street Clothing, and interact with one of the NPCs inside.

Considering the Crocs are new, they’ll be the first item that will pop up, and players will be able to purchase the Crocs in the color of their choosing after clicking on the Crocs ad.

It isn’t currently known whether Crocs are here to stay or they’re just available as a limited-time deal. If they happen to stay in the game, they’re likely to take their place inside the shop’s menu when there’s another item drop, meaning players, who try to unlock Crocs at a later date, may need to do more searching inside the store.

Screengrab via 2K Games

There are 23 different Crocs colors in NBA 2K22, meaning the chance of finding a color that fits your current style will be highly likely. If you have more than a few goofy outfits, however, you may want to start saving up some VC since Crocs don’t come cheap.