How to change sensitivity in Battlefield 2042

Get your gear aligned before battle.

Image via DICE

In the big open battles of Battlefield 2042, there are a lot of variables to keep your eyes on, like snipers in bushes, planes and helicopters flying overhead, and hundreds of hiding spots that enemies could be lurking in.

To survive, your aim has to be crisp, and that means getting your proper sensitivity setting aligned, whether you’re using a mouse and keyboard or a controller. Here’s how you can alter your sensitivity settings in Battlefield 2042.

How to change sensitivity in Battlefield 2042

After loading up the game, navigate to Options via the button on the bottom of the screen. If you’re playing on mouse and keyboard, select Mouse & Keyboard. If you’re on controller, go to Controller.

Once you’re in the options menu for your preferred input, you can alter the sensitivities for aiming as a soldier or while you’re in a vehicle. Each section is relatively the same, with both soldier aim and vehicle aim each having a slider for universal aim sensitivity that can range from zero to 100. Here, there are other aiming options, like choosing toggle or hold for zooming and steadying.

Each section has extensive advanced options, too. One of those is Vertical Aim Ratio, which lets you lower your vertical aim in relation to your horizontal aim, so when you aim up and down it’s not as sensitive as aiming left to right. You can also alter the Coefficient rating, letting you raise and lower the sensitivity at higher zoom ratings. If you want to get real specific, you can even alter the Zoom Aim Sensitivity of up to 16 different zoom magnifications, ranging from 1.00x zoom to 10.00x zoom.

The vehicle aim sections let you alter the sensitivity for vehicle aim, gunner aim, and plane control. Vehicle aim has access to the same advanced settings as soldier aim.

You don’t have to get your aim sensitivity sorted before the game begins. During a match, you can always bring up the menu, head to Options, and adjust your sensitivity settings during a battle. Just make sure you’re in cover first.