All Maps in Battlefield 2042

Know your battlegrounds.

Image via DICE

Gameplay mechanics can look like the most important aspect of every shooter game out there, but that’s not the only quality that draws in players. Titles like Battlefield 2042 feature stunning sites often inspired by real-life locations, adding an extra dose of realism to the action.

While almost all triple-A titles put in the work to perfect their maps and in-game environment, Battlefield often takes it to another level. It’s perfectly normal to feel an urge to explore around instead of charging toward your enemy when you first load into a Battlefield, and 2042 won’t be any different.

Like previous Battlefield titles, 2042 is packed with stunning maps. Although the game could launch with a limited number of maps, many more are likely to follow with upcoming DLCs and content patches. Although you can always watch a few videos on each map to give yourself a head start, the best way to get map knowledge in these maps is by playing them over and over again.

Depending on the game mode of your choice, you’ll slowly start to explore these maps. Some of their parts will be locked, and they’ll only become available as players progress through the game mode. This means you’ll need to adapt to an ever-changing environment as a player, which is one of the main challenges of any Battlefield game.

Here are all the maps in Battlefield 2042.


Screengrab via DICE

Breakaway is potentially the largest map to ship with Battlefield 2042’s launch. Set in an Antarctic mountainside, you’ll need to make use of all the vehicles you can get your hands on since moving on foot will make you miss most of the action.

Watch out for the destructible fuel tanks while playing in Breakaway because they’ll create permanent fires when destroyed.


Screengrab via DICE

Discarded is one of the most unique maps in Battlefield 2042. Abandoned ships make up most of the landscape that players can use as cover.

Set in India, you’ll find yourself fighting on and near these ships that were stranded due to the lowering water levels. Almost all of these ships have been torn to pieces for scraps, meaning there will be several openings and extra rooms that you’ll get to use as cover during gunfights.


Screengrab via DICE

Set in Qatar, players will find themselves battling in a city that was lost due to desertification. You’ll need to endure sand and dust storms as you’re battling your enemies, making it harder to spot them from a distance. These occasions will also be a perfect opportunity for players who thrive at close-quarter combat since they can use the weather to get up close and personal.


Screengrab via DICE

While apocalyptic maps have their way of giving players goosebumps, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a city map that’s filled with skyscrapers and modern architecture. 

Kaleidoscope takes place in South Korea, where you’ll find yourself in the middle of a city center with a river running through it. You’ll need to watch out for tornados when you’re playing in Kaleidoscope, however, since they’ll lift and move vehicles. These flying vehicles can deal fatal damage when they hit players, and no one will want to be that one player who gets taken out by a loose tank.


Screengrab via DICE

No Battlefield game would be complete without a night map. Manifest is set in a Singapore container yard, and players will need to count on moonlight and spotlights to see their enemies.

You’ll find lots of open corridors in this container yard. Some of these containers will also be lifted by a crane, adding a nice element of surprise to the game.


Screengrab via DICE

Most rocket launches that are open to the public tend to go rather successfully due to many tests and hard work. In Orbital, though, players may get to witness a rocket launch that goes terribly wrong.

You’ll find yourself fighting to control a rocket that’s about to launch in Orbital, located in French Guiana. While other maps will have weather effects that will serve as an element of surprise, Orbital may blow away players with a failed rocket launch that destroys the map.


Screengrab via DICE

Renewal is another desert-focused map in Battlefield 2042, but it comes with a twist. Set in Egypt, The map features a gigantic wall in the middle that separates the human-made agricultural areas from the dry desert.

You’ll get to engage in different types of combat on each side of the map, making this one of the more versatile battlefields in the game.

In addition to all the exclusive Battlefield 2042 maps, players will also be able to enjoy some of the iconic maps from older titles in the Portal game mode. Battlefield 1942‘s Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein, Bad Company 2‘s Arica Harbor and Valparaiso, and Battlefield 3‘s Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals will be available in the Portal mode. It isn’t clear whether the devs have any plans to introduce other classic maps to the mix, however.