Can you save Nick in The Quarry?

To save a wolf, you'll need to kill a wolf.

Image via 2K Games

The Quarry is a narrative-driven horror game in which many of its characters are at risk of death. Players must take risks and possibly die for any character to be protected. Throughout the game, you have to try and keep the nine counselors alive.

Despite being loved by so many people, Nick does not seem to be popular among the other counselors. He requires a lot of attention, so keeping him alive is particularly difficult. Despite that, he is a character most players will want to keep around because he has a lovable personality.

You can save Nick in The Quarry but it takes a lot of effort through many chapters in the game. We recommend following this guide closely since altering it even slightly may result in other characters dying instead of Nick. Keeping Nick alive also risks other characters, so prepare for a long night before he is completely safe.

Have Abigail rescue Nick in chapter three

In chapter three, Nick and Abigail will meet up in the woods. While they’re together, a werewolf will attack them but focus on Nick. As a result of getting bitten, Nick becomes infected. This will cause his transformation into a werewolf. Abigail will then be given the choice to “RUN TO CAMP” or “HELP NICK.”

As a result, Abigail will lure the creature away from Nick, causing it to focus on her instead. If the werewolf catches Abigail or she fails the hold breath moment, she will die. But Abigail can’t die if you want to save Nick.

Nick will be safe until Ryan appears. With a gun in hand, Ryan looks for Nick. One of the hunters will drag Nick away, but Ryan will have the opportunity to shoot. Ensure you aim above Nick’s body so you don’t accidentally kill him. By doing this, the hunter will flee and Ryan can save Nick.

Shoot Nick in chapter six

Nick’s usual awkward behavior will change in chapter six. He will get angry when he is pushed into a pool. As Nick is taken inside, the player will control Abigail.

Nick throws Abigail across the room when she gets close to him. With Nick’s shotgun nearby, Abigail should shoot Nick because otherwise, he will decapitate her. Abigail will survive if Nick is shot, and Nick will run away and become a werewolf.

Don’t kill Nick in the cage in chapter eight

The next time Nick is seen, he is in a cage under Hackett’s house. Laura and Ryan find him, but at first, they don’t realize who he is. Ensure Ryan interrupts Laura as soon as the prompt appears. Laura will shoot and kill Nick if not interrupted.

If you want to save Jacob, use the numerical breakers. Regardless, that choice will not affect Nick’s survival.

Kill Caleb in chapter 10

You must break Nick’s werewolf curse in chapter 10 by killing Caleb. As a result of Caleb biting Nick, the curse is lifted when he dies. There are several ways to accomplish this during chapter 10, but the most reliable method is while the werewolf is chasing Kaitlyn and Dylan.

After following them into the kitchen, the werewolf begins looking around for them. Get Kaitlyn to sneak to the back of the kitchen and have her take Abigail’s stuffed animal from her bag. If you throw the rabbit into the freezer, the werewolf will chase after it, and Kaitlyn and Dylan can lock it inside and save the group.

Caleb will die in the freezer, freeing Nick from his curse.