How to save everyone in The Quarry

Be a hero.

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There are a few different endings in The Quarry, meaning you can have a completely different experience in the game if you start taking alternative routes and making different decisions. Your in-game actions will decide on the ending you’ll get, and they’ll range from saving everyone to getting everyone in the camp killed.

Saving the nine Camp Counselors will unlock the Rough Night achievement. While pulling it off can look difficult at first, you can ensure that you get the best ending by prioritizing a few in-game elements. Whenever you find yourself in a position that requires you to decide between a Hackett and a Counselor, go with the Counselor. Unlocking the Rough Night achievement can be done by only keeping the Counselors alive, and accidentally prioritizing a Hackett can cause players to get one of the other 185 endings in the game.

Though there are certain in-game decisions that you’ll need to make the get the best ending, there are a few elements that you need to be aware of at all times.

  • Don’t fail Quick Time Events (QTEs)
  • Never choose dismissive and unfriendly dialogues, you’ll need to be as friendly as possible
  • Feel free to use the Death Rewind feature
  • Be mindful of all outcomes and check them frequently


While playing the prologue, you’ll want to focus on starting your relationships off to a decent start with the cop, Max, and Laura. 

  • Pick the map
  • Snoop in the car boot and search
  • Be compliant to Max
  • Be prepared for the two QTEs that will happen after exploring the forest
  • Be honest, friendly, compliant, and relieved while talking to the cop

Toward the end of the prologue, you’ll make your way to the Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, and you’ll need to make the following choices before moving onto the next chapter.

  • Take Wrenches and be confident, choose “Yeah, saw it online”
  • Help Max

Chapter one

The first chapter is filled with dialogues that will constantly require your input. You’ll need to focus on being as friendly as possible throughout the chapter, and choose to break the fuel line and break into the cabin.

Chapter one – the first scene

  • Be reflective to Kaitlyn and choose “You never know”
  • Be playful, mischievous, and brave toward Kaitlyn by choosing the following dialogues
    • “What about you?”
    • “Sexy?”
    • “It’s just a fling”
  • Break the fuel line
  • Steal the Rotator Arm which will be needed to unlock the third evidence in Chapter three
  • Complete the QTE and catch the phone

Chapter one – the second scene

In the second scene, you’ll find yourself in another scene with Abigail and Emma.

  • Complete the QTE
  • Break into the cabin
  • Move toward the left and pick up the teddy bear
  • Choose to Keep the teddy
  • Talk to Emma
  • Be enthusiastic with Emma and choose “Let’s do it”
  • You’ll need to complete a QTE on the buggy
  • Choose the Scenic route
  • There’ll be another QTE on the route
  • Be supportive and choose “I believe you”

Chapter one – the third scene

In the third scene, you’ll come back to the lodge and find the group talking and share your input.

  • Be friendly and supportive toward Ryan and choose the following
    • Friendly “Is it about me?
    • Supportive “You should’ve seen the kids”
  • Be understanding to Chris Hackett by choosing “No worries”
  • You can either choose to listen the podcast or eavesdrop
  • After listening to the dialogue, be concerned, apologetic, and inquisitive by choosing the following
    • Concerned “Is everything okay?”
    • Apologetic “I didn’t realize”
    • Inquisitive “Why?”

Right after this diaglouge, Chriss Hackett and Ryan will go outside, and you’ll need to complete two QTEs.

  • Be compliant to Chris and choose “Yeah, sure”
  • Be supportive by choosing “He was just concerned for us.”
  • Be reluctant by choosing “Fine”

Chapter two 

Chapter two – the first scene

  • Kick the door as Emma
  • Make your way to the door at the end of the storage area
  • Choose to call Jacob
  • Enter the locked stash room
  • Pick up the shotgun on the floor
  • Talk to Jacob and leave the room

You’ll need to walk to the entrance and choose the following dialogues as Emma opens the safe:

  • Leave Fireworks
  • Be affectionate to Jacob and choose “What are butterpops?”

Chapter two- the second scene

The second scene of chapter two will kick off in Chris’ office with Dylan and Ryan.

  • Be friendly to Ryan and choose “What are you listening to now?”
  • Explore Chris’ office and check the phone next to the trash bin
  • Choose sarcastic “Nice somebody to call you”
  • Check the shotgun on the wall and choose serious “what if we need it?”
  • Interact with the door next to the shotgun and complete the QTE

After completing the QTE, you’ll find yourself in a new room where you’ll be able to interact with the wardrobe and the door.

  • Choose mischievous “So he was looking for bigfoot”
  • You can continue to check around the room; interact with all the objects in the room
  • Go back to the main office and find the two charged phones 
  • Head to the party

Chapter two – the third scene

Players will find themselves walking in the woods in the third scene with Nick and Abigail.

  • Choose the Rocky Road
  • Be uncertain and choose “I’m not sure we’re supposed to know”
  • Go down stairs to start the next cutsene
  • Choose sincere “You’re really good”
  • Complete the QTE and save Abi
  • Complete the Hold Breath Event and choose cheerful “Imagine the story…”

Chapter two – the fourth scene

The fourth scene in chapter two will feature Kaitlyn.

  • Move the camera around and take a photo
  • Be honest to Ryan and Dylan
  • Be playful to the others
  • Be stern to Nick and Jabob, choose “Not leaving you with a gun”
  • Be hopeful to Jacob
  • Complete the gun event with accurate shots
  • Be friendly to Jacob

Once the fourth scene ends, there will be another short one where you’ll need to:

  • Interrupt Abi
  • Tell the truth and be mischievous
  • Pick Kaitlyn and be mischievous

Chapter three

Chapter three – the first scene

You’ll start off chapter three as Abigail in the woods. You’ll need to exit the woods and start the cutscene, where you’ll need to:

  • Call back Nick
  • Be honest toward Nick, choose “Got a little intense”
  • Be cautious toward Nick and choose “About what happened…”
  • Kiss Nick
  • Help Nick
  • Complete a QTE
  • Run, but don’t climb the tree
  • Complete the Don’t Breathe event. You’ll need to make sure that Abi doesn’t get bit and escapes without a scratch

Chapter three – the second scene

In the second scene of chapter three, you’ll find yourself in the boat house.

  • Make your way upstairs and check for towels
  • Explore around and pick up the collectibles in the area
  • Talk to Emma and be enthusiastic “Cannonball!”
  • Don’t splash her
  • Flirt with Emma and say “Take a photo of me”
  • Help Abi

Chapter three – the third scene

Choose the following as Ryan in the third scene of chapter three.

  • Be worried and choose “Where’s Nick?”
  • Be assertive and choose “I’ve got this”
  • Take the first shortcut and complete three QTEs
  • After taking the second shortcut, there’ll be five other QTEs
  • Shout and shoot at the hunter / the big guy

Chapter three – the fourth scene 

Choose the following as Ryan in the third scene of chapter three.

  • Don’t call out
  • Plead and don’t throw dirt
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Chapter four

Chapter four – the first scene

The first scene of the chapter four will kick off with a cutscene, as you’ll be checking out Nick’s wound as Ryan.

  • Apply pressure to the wound
  • Be dismissive and choose “Why?
  • Call out and start looking around
  • Don’t shoot the gun
  • Be questioning and choose “What happened to you?”
  • Let go of Jacob and complete the QTE

Chapter four – the second scene

In the second scene of chapter four, you’ll find Emma on the island. You’ll want to take your time to explore around in this scene, since there are a total of four collectibles.

  • The first two are Hackett History collectibles and the first one, Police Car Keys, can be found near hut window
  • The second one is a Box of Matches, and it can be collected by interacting with the fire pit
  • After collecting these items, make your way to the hut, but don’t open the trap door
  • Search the bag and use the taser
  • Take a phone and complete a QTE
  • After using the bear spray, you’ll need to complete two more QTEs

Chapter four – the third scene

The third scene of the fourth chapter will feature Dylan.

  • Be optimistic and choose “I hope they’re gonna be okay”
  • Be hopeful and choose “That’s good news!”
  • Be determined and choose “Call the cops”
  • Be suspicious and choose “That’s weird”
  • Be calm and choose “Only temporary”
  • Be defensive and choose “Does she need it?”
  • Give the gun to Kaitlyn

Right after you give the gun to Kaitlyn, there will be a short final scene where you’ll need to reel the zipline slowly, and make sure not to speed this process up.

Chapter five

Chapter five – the first scene

The fifth chapter will kick off with a cutscene with Nick and Abi talking.

  • Be grateful to Abi and choose “I’m okay”
  • Don’t speak up
  • Be reassuring and choose “We’ll be fine, just be careful”

Chapter five – the second scene

In the second scene of chapter five, players will need to complete two QTEs.

Chapter five – the third scene

The third scene of the fifth chapter features Nick and Abi.

  • Be confident and say “Don’t worry about Kaitlyn” to Abi
  • Be intrigued and choose “I thought things would go further”
  • Hide, and you’ll need to complete a Don’t Breathe event

Chapter five – the fourth scene

You’ll find yourself with Dylan and Ryan in the fourth scene of chapter five. The scene will start off with a talk between the two. There will be five collectible items at the lodges that you can collect during this time.

Collect the two Tarot cards, one Camp History clue, one Hackett History Clue, and one piece of Evidence.

  • After you’re done with the collectibles, talk to Ryan and be confident
  • Be interested and choose “How do you know this stuff?”
  • Be concerned and choose “That’s totally us”
  • Be apologetic and choose “I wasn’t sure”
  • Don’t shoot
  • Be aggressive and choose “We gotta kill it”
  • Be confident and choose “Why wouldn’t it be?”
  • Be calm and choose “Take a breath”
  • Be desperate and choose “Okay. Just hang on”
  • Choose Chainsaw
  • Be uncertain and choose “I don’t know”

Chapter six

Chapter six – the first scene

You’ll start the sixth chapter as Jabox, and get to pick up two collectibles at the beginning. Pick up the collectibles and start a dialogue with Emma.

  • Be delighted and choose “Am I glad to see you!”
  • Be apologetic and choose “Shit, sorry!”
  • Complete the QTE and choose to hide
  • Pry open the bear trap

Chapter six – the second scene

You’ll start the second scene of chapter six as Kaitlyn

  • Be compassionate to Ryan and choose “You okay?”
  • Intervene and help Nick

Chapter six – the third scene

You’ll start the third scene of chapter six while free roaming as Abi.

  • Find something to help Nick and pick of the two Champ History clues and a Tarot Card in the process
  • Be calm to Nick and choose “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you”
  • Be compassionate and choose “I do like you”
  • Shoot Nick with the shotgun. Abi dies if you don’t shoot Nick, and you can’t avoid this part of the story.

Chapter six – the fourth scene

  • Don’t run
  • Be reassuring to Abi and choose “You did what you had to”
  • Be suspicious and choose “Who is it?”
  • Be interested and choose “I’m gonna open the door”
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Chapter seven

Chapter seven – the first scene

The first scene of chapter seven will start with a Laura cutscene.

  • Don’t call out
  • Be compliant and choose “Laura Kearny”
  • Be compliant and choose “Fine”
  • Be intrigued and choose “Okay Sheriff”
  • Be pleading and choose “Please stop trying to intimidate me”
  • Don’t lash out
  • Be concerned and choose “Are you okay?”
  • Be disappointed and choose “I was hoping you might know”
  • Be compliant and choose “Sorry sir”
  • Be worried and choose “Leave him alone”

Right after the dialogue above, you’ll find yourself in a cell as Laura, where you’ll be able to find two collectibles. When you’re done with the collectibles, inspect the left corner of the room, and find the spoon by the bed.

Use the spoon to loosen a stone on the wall, and a new cutscene will start.

  • Be fearful and choose “We’ll answer your questions”
  • Be serious and choose “Are you okay?”
  • Be reflective and choose “He’s not acting like a kidnapper”
  • Be encouraging and choose “This isn’t forever”
  • Be empathetic and choose “I’m sorry, Max”
  • Be calm and choose “You want answers?”
  • Be curious and choose “What if we get on his good side?”
  • Be optimistic and choose “I think we should try”
  • Be skeptical and choose “Really?!”
  • Don’t call for help
  • Be compassionate and choose “I’m here”

Start roaming around the station as Laura and find four more collectible items. Once you’re done exploring, go back to your cell and sleep.

  • Be honest to Travis and choose “I won’t leave Max”
  • Be confident and choose “Let’s end it”
  • Don’t take the gun
  • Be confused and choose “Why didn’t you kill it?”
  • Be encouraging and choose “So what’s the plan?”
  • Be resigned and choose “I believe him”
  • Be empathetic and choose “That wasn’t you”
  • Complete two QTE events
  • Be anxious and choose “Not until Chris is dead”
  • Be reassuring and choose “They’re probably fine”
  • Show the bite

Once you’re done with the first scene, there will be another quick scene where you’ll need to plead and choose “Please let me go.”

Chapter eight

Chapter eight – the first scene

Chapter eight will kick off with a scene featuring Ryan and Laura.

  • Be uncertain and choose “Kaitlyn, what do I do?”
  • Be curious and choose “You said you heard a woman?”
  • Be suspicious and choose “What are you doing?”
  • Be guarded and choose “What makes you think I know?”
  • Be compassionate and choose “Maybe there’s another way”
  • Be friendly and choose “Chris has nothing to do with this”
  • Be inquisitive and choose “Have you been there?”
  • Be reflective and choose “No one knows anybody”
  • Be compassionate and choose “I get it, he’s your friend”

Once you’re done with this dialogue, you’ll be able to walk around the cave and collect the five collectible items in the parameters.

Chapter eight – the second scene

The second scene of chapter eight will start with Kaitlyn.

  • Be honest and say “My bad…”
  • Be encouraging and say “I need you”

After completing the dialogue, you’ll be able to free roam. There are two Tarot cards and a Hackett History clue in the area.

  • Complete a QTE
  • Don’t open the cage and stop Laura
  • Help Jacob. Don’t leave him behind since he’ll die if you do
  • Select the breakers “one” and “two” and then “two” and “three” to complete the puzzle part

Chapter nine

Chapter nine – The first scene

  • Be positive and choose “I guess it is kinda unique”
  • Be curious and choose “Think we missed our shot?”

Chapter nine – The second scene

  • Be curious and choose “Why are you so positive?”
  • Be curious and choose “Is that why you do videos?”

Chapter nine – The third scene

Complete the button mashing event and the QTE.

  • Interrupt the event and don’t “pull knife”

Chapter nine – The fourth scene

Free roam in the area as Ryan and pick up the two collectibles around.

  • Interact with the cabinet in the right
  • Complete a Don’t Breathe and a button mashing event

Chapter ten – The fifth scene

  • Hide in the cabinet
  • Complete the Hold Breath Event
  • Complete a QTE
  • Complete the Button Burst event

Chapter nine – The sixth scene

  • Complete two QTEs
  • Complete a Don’t Breathe event
  • Be sympathetic and choose “It’s not your fault…”
  • Accept. This part is important since Ryan will die otherwise
  • Interrupt event; don’t pull away

Chapter nine – The seventh scene

  • You can find a Tarot Card in the bunker while roaming around as Abi
  • Find the fuse box and interact with it to find the silver shells
  • Climb up the ladder

Chapter nine – The eighth scene

When you step into the final scene of the ninth chapter, you’ll find Laura transforming and you’ll need to kill Chris Hackett, the monster

  • Be suspicious and choose “Why should I trust you?”

Chapter ten

Chapter ten – The first scene

You’ll start chapter ten as Max and will need to choose to stay. If you swim to shore, Max dies.

Chapter ten – The second scene

The second scene of the tenth chapter will start in the lodge, and you’ll be able to collect seven items as Kaitlyn.

When you’re done with the items, prepare for the attack.

  • Run
  • Beam
  • Smash
  • Run
  • Choose to investigate
  • Shoot

Chapter ten – The third scene

  • Be inquisitive to Travis “What exactly happened 6 years ago?”
  • Complete a QTE event
  • Take cover
  • Complete a QTE event
  • Be determined and choose “Let’s fucking do this”
  • Give to Ryan
  • Be probing and say “Who was she?”
  • Be reflective and choose “That’s why you’ve been hunting him”
  • Complete an interrupt event, don’t raise the gun
  • Fail the QTE event, this is important
  • Shoot monster Silas