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When is Juice WRLD coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite's Icon Series is looking for new members.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans are now used to having artists perform in their favorite game. Considering it’s been a while since the last performance, it would be right about time for another in-game performance.

Recent leaks suggest that it might be the late Juice WRLD up next on the stage. One of Juice WRLD’s agents stated their team would have a meeting with Epic Games in the upcoming weeks, meaning the collaboration is still in the works.

It’s currently not clear when exactly Juice WRLD would arrive in Fortnite. Epic hasn’t officially announced collaboration yet, and for all we know, it could also be canceled if the sides don’t agree on the terms.

Epic is likely to announce Juice WRLD’s arrival on Fortnite’s social media channels if the deal comes to be. Whenever artists make their way into Fortnite, they come bundled with new cosmetics ranging from skins to emotes. All of their merch become available inside the in-game shop, and players will have time to add these skins to their collection throughout their dedicated event.

Skins and cosmetics that were inspired by artists belong to Fortnite’s Icon series and some can come back to the shop at later dates, giving players a second chance to obtain them. The in-game performances range from live events to game modes. The first one requires players to queue up for a live event to become a part of the event, while the second allows them to experience the in-game performance whenever they want.