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Pokimane gets indirectly roasted by random kid teammate in Fortnite

Her teammate didn't like reaction streamers.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/pokimane

Things have been going well for Pokimane lately, who got her own Fortnite emote a few days ago. But there’s nothing like the blunt honesty of a child to bring you back down to Earth when you’re on cloud nine. 

While playing Fortnite yesterday to show off her new emote, Pokimane was playing duos and filling her partner slot with random people. In one game, her teammate sounded like he was a younger male and Poki began asking about whether he watched Fortnite streamers. 

This is a classic move by streamers who want to get genuine thoughts from random teammates who don’t know who they are before revealing that they’re popular streamers, if they decide to do that at all.

Pokimane asked her teammate about his viewing habits and the kid admitted that he only watches streamers a little bit. But he did have one rather strong opinion. 

“I do hate Twitch streamers reacting to stuff,” he said. “Because they always pause the video like one second into the video playing.”

Halfway through his statement, Poki was choked up by the kid’s critique and the LULW emote filled her chat. Pausing for a moment as she tried to gather herself, Poki replied with a lie that was about as blunt as the kid’s original opinion. 

“Yeah, I would never do that,” she said. “That’s really weird.”

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Pokimane isn’t known as much for her Fortnite play. In fact, in the past week, she’s played less than three hours of the game on air. Most of her time has been spent in the Just Chatting category where she does things like, well, reaction streaming.

Her 12 hours of airtime in the category has generated 156,487 hours watched with an average of 12,862 viewers, according to Stream Hatchet data