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Fortnite raises $70 million in humanitarian relief funds for Ukraine

V-Bucks never helped so much.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games just launched its most recent Fortnite season a few days ago and it has a poorly timed war theme given the invasion of Ukraine. But Epic decided to use this as an opportunity to raise millions of dollars for Ukraine. The developer promised to donate all the proceeds from Fortnite for the first two weeks of this season to Ukraine.

The famous battle royale announced today that it has raised $70 million for the people of Ukraine. This comes just under a week from the beginning of the season and marks a substantial fundraising effort by the community. 

The tweet from the official Fortnite account also gives credit to Xbox, who announced it would be putting any money earned in two weeks from Fortnite toward humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Epic first announced that it would be putting all its Fortnite proceeds for the first two weeks of Chapter Three, season two, toward humanitarian assistance when the season was released on March 20.

Twenty-four hours after the season went live, Fortnite’s account tweeted that it had already raised $36 million for the Ukrainian people.

With another week of fundraising to go, fans could easily see Fortnite raise over $100 million for Ukrainian aid in that time. It’s something special that Epic understood the lousy timing of this season’s theme and created something positive out of it instead.