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Fortnite players can Naruto run using new emote

The Full Tilt emote is in the item shop.

Image via Epic Games

Players can attempt to avoid enemy fire after Epic Games recently introduced the Full Tilt emote in Fornite, which is now available in the Fortnite item shop. 

This emote is based on the famous Naruto run from the popular anime series Naruto. It is the unique running style of protagonist Naruto Uzumaki where he can be seen sprinting with his arms behind his back and his body facing forward. 

The meme became popularized in 2018 when the “Storm Area 51” Facebook group was formed. There was set to be a plan of attack, with Naruto runners charging at the secret base from one angle to “move faster than the bullets.” On Sept. 20, a man can be seen Naruto Running behind a news reporter that was covering the event. 

Epic Games are seemingly capitalizing on this meme and are even introducing an Alien-themed skin into the game.

Although the emote does not provide a competitive advantage as fans might have hoped, many fans are still enjoying the new Fortnite collectible nonetheless. One streamer managed to Naruto run his way toward a B.R.U.T.E mech that was isolated in the open, living up to the meme and dodging enemy bullets.

Epic Games has had trouble with introducing emotes in the past. Rapper BlocBoy JB attempted to sue Epic Games in January after it introduced his iconic “Shoot” dance into the game without his permission. Hopefully for Naruto fans, however, the new anime-inspired emote is here to stay.