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Fortnite 7.20 update leaks show off future skins and cosmetics

Devil and viking-themed skins are coming to Fortnite soon.

Image via Epic Games

While players may know what was officially added into Fortnite in the 7.20 update on Tuesday, dataminers have revealed some cosmetic items that will be coming to the game in the future.

Prominent leaker Lucas7Yoshi_ found several new skins in the 7.20 game files, including a devil-like Epic skin called Malcore. The blue-skinned character has red-tipped horns, burning-orange eyes, and black scales on its body.

In addition to Malcore, new skins that seemingly depict soldiers, Verge and Tech Ops, were found in the game files. New viking skins also popped up, with Jaeger and Fyra appearing clad in warrior gear. The two skins seem to fit nicely with the Medieval Sword, a combat weapon also found in the 7.20 files Tuesday.

Cobalt, The Ice Queen, and what may be a taxi driver by the name of Cabbie were also discovered by dataminers. Several pickaxes, including a Malcore-themed one named Evil Eye, as well as the Battle Axe presumably for Jaeger and Fyra, will likely be made available in the Item Shop in the next few weeks.

The Ice Queen also appears to have her own glider, too. Winter’s Thorn, a black sleigh with icy spiked edges seems fit for a queen. A pickaxe, the Icebringer, has many of the same features as The Ice Queen and Winter’s Thorn, which will likely make it a popular cosmetic combo for fans.

Epic has unsurprisingly not confirmed any of the leaked information, but Yoshi and other dataminers have proven to be quite reliable with leaks lately. The skins may take several weeks before they appear in the Item Shop or are even acknowledged by Epic, but it remains very likely that they will be eventually added into Fortnite: Battle Royale.