ZeRo says his next tournament will be his last Super Smash Bros. event

ZeRo is headed out, at least for now.

Screengrab via ZeRo

ZeRo is throwing in the towel once more after competing in multiple competitive tournaments over the last several months, announcing that the upcoming Quarantine Series event will be the last one he enters.

This doesn’t by any means point to him completely abandoning Super Smash Smash Bros. since he continued to play the game and create content for it after retiring in 2018, but he is going back to focusing on content creation full-time.

He never really fully committed to making a comeback on the competitive scene, only competing in tournaments for fun and because he thought it would make good content for his streams and YouTube. After several events, however, he has decided that he would rather get back to his content rather than “go backwards” into the pressure and anxiety brought on by competing again. 

“Just wanna be transparent and say that the next tournament hosted by Cr1TiKaL & Alpharad is going to be the last tournament I enter,” ZeRo said. “It was fun but the pressure and lifestyle is something I don’t want again in my life. I want to expand my content, not go backwards.”

The parting comment is made in reference to the pressure and anxiety he felt while still playing Smash competitively full-time, which he shared back in January. At the time, he said he was having health issues just based on the mental aspect of competing and that he had to “let it go” in order to even enjoy the game again. 

And he does still love the game, which is shown in most of his YouTube content still revolves around Smash, but he wants the narrative of him coming back to compete to come to an end. 

“I would also appreciate if people drop the narrative of me coming back to tournaments one day and just finally understand that competitive ZeRo is done for,” ZeRo said. “I love the scene and everything but the topic gives me a lot of anxiety. Just wanna be free and do my own thing.”

Now, ZeRo will focus on creating content for his more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is about to celebrate his six-month anniversary of signing a deal to stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming. You can watch him play Smash in any of his hundreds of videos, or watch him stream other games like Persona 5 on his Facebook Gaming channel.

His final tournament appearance for the foreseeable future will be in the Quarantine Series: King of WiFi Random Characters, which is set to begin on May 30.