When does Min Min join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The character from ARMS and her stage are coming sooner than expected.

Image via Nintendo

In today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal trailer, Masahiro Sakurai introduced the next character as Min Min from the ARMS series.

The reveal trailer included a hilarious bait and switch-style teaser, similar to the trailer for Terry Bogard. But, more importantly, Smash fans learned the release date for the next DLC fighter—and it’s closer than may you think.

Image via Nintendo

The first character coming with Fighter Pass Two will be added to the game on June 29 for $5.99. If you already purchased the entire Second Fighter Pass, Min Min will be yours to use at the same time. Players who purchase Min Min or the Fighter Pass also get a new stage, Spring Stadium, and ARMS associated music included with their purchase.

While the community will need to decide if the new stage is legal for tournament play, the non-hazard version of the stage may have a fair chance of being competitively viable. The original version of the stage has springboards by the ledges popping in and out and a drone dropping items, but the hazard-free version of the stage has a chance to remove all of that, keeping the playing field non-random and balanced.

It’s unclear if the ceiling that appears in two portions of the stage will be in the non-hazard version. A ceiling in Smash provides players with a chance to tech off of it, allowing players to live at ludicrous percentages. It can also give them a chance to avoid getting knocked out through the sky hit-box.

If the stage is added to the tournament scene, it could be a larger version of Smashville, which only has a single platform. But it’s a smaller stage that gives both players less room to operate.

Min Min and Spring Stadium will join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster next week on June 29.