Two Smash players got into a fight at CEO 2019

A fight broke out between two Smash players at the CEO tournament venue.

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A physical altercation took place at one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, CEO 2019, yesterday between two Super Smash Bros. players, according to several people who attended the event.

SuperGirlKels, a Canadian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player, said that a fight broke out on the second day of the competition. She said that many players at the event were drunk or high and causing issues, especially with the lack of actual security at the venue.

The fight was between Osiris197 and RiotLettuce, two longtime Smash players who had a confrontation in one of the bathrooms on site. Each player posted their own TwitLonger explanation.

In Riot’s post, he said that one of his friends sent a message to their group chat asking for someone to come to the bathroom because someone was outside yelling. The person in question ended up being Osiris, who had knocked a gallon jug of water out of the friend’s hand for no reason—Osiris confirmed this in his post.

Riot approached Osiris calmly to ask about the situation with another player, Blacktwins, standing nearby. After a brief exchange where Osiris confirmed he was drunk, Riot made a comment about the other player bullying kids that made the other player push past Blacktwins and get into Riot’s personal space, according to Riot’s version of the situation.

The two got into a fight until a tournament organizer broke it up and shoved the two apart. A second altercation happened immediately after that when Riot went to retrieve his GameCube controller, which Osiris picked up and then spiked onto the ground.

Details are still scarce on what happened to Osiris after Riot left the area, but an altercation with another Smash player named Chez apparently led to him being escorted out of the venue and banned from CEO. There’s no confirmation of his ban, however, and Osiris refutes that point in his post.

Osiris mainly defended against points that Riot touched on, while also confirming several accusations made against him.

“I am not saying any of this to absolve myself of responsibility here,” Osiris said. “I own up to my part and wrong-doings in all of this including throwing a punch/getting physical, the controller, the use of slurs, and so on, but really to stop this narrative being established that Riot didn’t instigate at all and I just punched him with no provocation, because that is completely untrue.”

Screengrab via Twitter

During the confrontation between the players, a previous instance between Osiris and top Smash player Eric “ESAM” Lew was brought up where Osiris said that he masturbated to ESAM’s girlfriend on her Patreon. Osiris confirmed that the interaction happened and tried to play it down as a joke.

At time of writing, the friend Riot went to help hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it seems like it was ESAM. Following the incident, ESAM posted about getting Osiris banned from events following this and several other incidents at tournaments like Xanadu locals and in Savannah, Georgia.


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