Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit event announced starring spirits with great teeth

Earn some more spirits!

Image via Nintendo

The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit event has been announced and its stars will be the spirits that boast the best chompers.

For three days players will notice an influx of spirits appearing on the board boasting great teeth. This event will kick off on Friday, Nov. 5, and run for three days.

Some of the spirits that you’ll encounter during the event were showcased in the promotional image for the event. These include Chain Chomp, Rayman, and many more. As usual, the more victories you score during the event the more rewards that you’ll earn.

Last week, Smash Bros. Ultimate held a new fighters-only tournament that featured only fighters that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Each week, the game hosts a new event with its own unique theme or set of rules giving players a chance to add some new spirits to their collection.

With recent reports indicating that no sequel for Ultimate is in the works or coming anytime soon, these events will likely be all the new Smash content coming to make sure to take advantage of them and complete your spirit collection today.