Super Smash Bros. community organizes Smash World Tour

Smash is about to be bigger than ever.

Screengrab via Smash World Tour

VGBootCamp and several figures in the Super Smash Bros. community have collaborated to create the Smash World Tour, a series of more than 25 community events for both Smash Melee and Ultimate.

Smash World Tour is going to be a combination of international tournaments from both the Melee and Ultimate scenes, combining them into something that other fighting games have had for years—an actual tournament circuit. 

This is the first time a tournament circuit of this size has been created for Smash and it is going to completely focus on building upon what already exists within the community. This tour will run from March until December with a leaderboard being added in to keep track of how players do at each event on the circuit. 

Similarly to how the PGR ranks tournaments up to S-tier based on the number of attendants and how many top players are going to compete at each event, the Smash World Tour is going to break them down into Platinum, Gold and Silver rankings. The tier of the event will determine how many points competitors can earn by placing highly, with Platinum giving out the most. 

Throughout the 10-month circuit, players will be earning points from each approved tournament they compete in, with the Top 31 players on the Smash World Tour Leaderboard being invited to compete for over $250,000 at the World Tour Finals on Dec. 17. 

Any event organizer can opt their tournament into the World Tour as long as they have more than 32 entrants competing in the Singles bracket. This opens the door for all local tournaments to get in on the official action as Silver Tier events as long as they opt-in on the Smash World Tour’s official page

A preliminary list of events has already been provided, with the organizers accepting applicants for more as the details are all finalized. CEO Dreamland and Pound 2020 are just two of the big names already listed on the World Tour’s schedule. 

This circuit is being completely run by members of the Smash community who have been around since the beginning, and as of now, there is no official support coming from Nintendo. 

“As of now, The Smash World Tour is not associated or affiliated with Nintendo or Nintendo of America – though we hope to team up with them in the future,” the official Smash World Tour website said. “One of our goals with the Tour is to offer a unified way for Nintendo® to directly support the competitive scene.”

This seems to have been in the work for multiple months, but the timing is perfect as several players have called out Nintendo for not supporting the massively popular game’s competitive scene. Right now the circuit is sponsored by both Twitch and, with more likely to come in the near future.

CEO Dreamland is the first tournament listed on the schedule, which will feature both Melee and Ultimate when it begins on March 13 and kicks off the Smash World Tour as the first Gold Tier event.