How to play Shaggy in MultiVersus: Best perks, best moves, strategies, and more

Looking to master Shaggy in MultiVersus?

Shaggy powered up with enrage in MultiVersus
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The free-to-play crossover fighting game is finally here! Warner Bros. and Player First Games have finally released their take on a clash amongst their vault of characters and heroes in MultiVersus.

It plays very similarly to a familiar “children’s party game” that many grew up on and love to play to this day – Super Smash Brothers. However, while MultiVersus took a lot of inspiration from the Nintendo franchise, there are plenty of new things and mechanics for players to explore.

As many get their hands on the list of characters and dip their toes into MultiVersus, understanding each and every character and what they bring to the table is the next step. One character in particular that players want to get a better idea of is Shaggy. Here, we’ll go over everything to know when it comes to the iconic Scooby-Doo staple.

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How to play Shaggy in MultiVersus

The green-shirted, food consuming, mystery solving master-mind is here to stay in MultiVersus. Across the community, Shaggy has been placed into solid B-tier amongst the characters and has a lot of tools in his kit.

Here, we’ll go over all of his moves, perks, how he’s supposed to fight, and some helpful tips for those just starting out.

Shaggy’s moveset

First off, we’ll start with Shaggy’s grounded attacks. These attacks are decent, but less useful compared to his aerial capabilities.

Attacks (Grounded)

  • Knucle Sandwich (neutral) – Chargeable straight punch.
  • Combo Meal (Side) – Combo of punches ending in a headbutt.
  • Like, Overhead Swing! (Up) – Chargeable overhead swing.
  • Power Stomp (Down) – Chargeable AND armored.

Specials (Grounded)

These attacks have very similar, near-identical, air-based counterparts.

  • ZOINKS! (Neutral) – This is a charging move that builds up Shaggy’s enrage meter.
  • Chiller Instinct Kick (Side) – Flying kick forward.
  • Power Uppercut (Up) – Flying uppercut that will launch Shaggy into the air.
  • Like, Feed the Hunger (Down) – Shaggy pulls and equips a sandwich out of the ground to use as a projectile.
Capture via First Player Games

Next are Shaggy’s aerial attacks. These are Shaggy’s bread and butter combo-ing moves.

Attacks (Air)

  • Flurrious Feet (Neutral) – Flurry of kicks that hit multiple times underneath him.
  • Like, Knee Strike (Side) – Chargeable, fast forward knee attack.
  • Flying Slack Smack (Up) – Sweeping swing above.
  • Get Down, Man (Down) – Two-handed pound to send foes downward. Enemies rebound back up in the air if they are grounded or get hit into the floor.
Capture via First Player Games

Specials (Air)

Most of these are the same as the grounded specials

  • ZOINKS! (Neutral) – Same as ground.
  • Chiller Instinct Kick (Side) – Same as ground.
  • Power Uppercut (Up) – Very similar to the grounded version. The enraged version can hit multiple times.
  • Like, C’mere man! (Down – no sandwich) – Shaggy pounds the ground with two hands and creates a forward shockwave on impact.
  • Like Feed the Hunger (Down – with sandwich) – Shaggy chucks a massive sandwich in the direction he is facing.

Shaggy’s passive abilities

Shaggy has some passive abilities that affect him as well as his allies in battle – these do not include the perks that will get mentioned later on.

  • It’s, Like, Off-the-Chart: Enraged special attacks hit harder, move farther, and also give him armor during the attack animation.
  • Enraged moves apply maximum STACKS of WEAKENED to enemies that are hit by them.
  • Allies who become enraged through Shaggy will apply maximum STACKS of WEAKENED on their next melee hitting move – enraged is consumed afterwards.
  • Shaggy starts the match with a sandwich in-hand.

Shaggy’s perks

MultiVersus introduces perks to characters that add some variety and extra depth to different playstyles. We’ll briefly cover Shaggy’s perks at a glance.

Signature Perks:

  • One Last ZOINKS (unlocked at tier 8) – Shaggy gains enrage after passing 100 damage.
  • Hangry Man (unlocked at tier 10) – If Shaggy has a sandwich equipped, he can consume it to quickly charge his enrage.


  • Lumpy Space Punch (unlocked at tier 2) – Increases aerial melee attacks by 5-percent.
  • Kryptonian Skin (unlocked at tier 4) – Reduces incoming damage by 4-percent.
  • Last Stand (unlocked at tier 7) – Team deals 10-percent increased damage after reaching 100 damage.
  • Snowball Effect (unlocked at tier 11) – Increases damage against the highest damaged fighter by 7-percent.
  • Retaliation-Ready (unlocked at tier 12) – Grants allies three gray health for three seconds after knocking back enemies with projectiles.
  • Speed Force Assist (unlocked at tier 13) – Team receives a 4-percent increase in base-movement speed.
Capture via First Player Games

Shaggy’s best perks are one’s that add to his overall strategy as a bruiser. Lumpy Space Punch, Last Stand, and Snowball Effect are his best standard perks. The signature perk depends on the player’s strategy and playstyle.

One Last ZOINKS is a great signature perk that grants a free enrage after passing 100 damage. This additionally triggers the Last Stand perk by increasing damage by 10-percent.

Hangry Man is good for players that like to continually get enrage mid-fight. As long as players have ample space to get off the ZOINKS, this is not a bad option.

Shaggy strategies

Within the realm of the cartoon series, Shaggy is a mystery solvin’ and Scooby snackin’ machine. However in MultiVersus, Shaggy comes in as one of the best combo-oriented bruisers available.

Man of Shaggy’s moves combo into one another and set him up well for utilizing his enraged form. Players that can find some time to charge up their enrage can work their super-charged moves into their combo game to finish opponents very early.

Capture via First Player Games

If there’s enough space to start the match, a solid strategy is to jump high and get some space to charge Shaggy’s neutral-special: ZOINKS. This will give the powerful versions of his special attacks and set players up with a free high power and knockback move to send foes flying.

One of Shaggy’s best combo starters is his down-aerial attack – Get Down, Man. While this attack does sent the opponent downward when it connects, it also can send foes back up into the air if they are grounded on the stage or close to it. The move also has a lot of hit stuff which gives players the ability to follow up with moves like his up-aerial and up-special – Flying Slack Smack and Power Uppercut.

While players do have the sandwich available as a projectile, it is very slow to pull out and not recommended unless there’s ample space between the player and opponents.

Like many characters in the game, Shaggy does well even in off-stage situations. With his down-aerial, Shaggy can claim kills very early and still make it back to the stage. To set up offstage situations, the forward-aerial – Like, Knee Strike – which provides great horizontal knockback.

Shaggy is not a zoning character and is classified as a bruiser for reason. Most of his moves combo into others, so players should take advantage of his combo game.

These are all of Shaggy’s moves and perks available to him, as well as some strategies to implement while using him. While he falls into B-tier in many player’s rankings, the game and its meta-game are still fairly underdeveloped and there’s plenty of room for characters to shift and improve.