How to play Override, Destiny 2’s 6-player Season of the Splicer activity

Get your rifles, your sidearms, and your hacking gloves.

Image via Bungie

One of the highlights of the newest Destiny 2 season, Season of the Splicer, is the six-player PvE activity Override. Override pits Guardians against waves of enemies while the team attempts to access the Vex network and eventually reach a final boss.

The active Override mission changes each week, and as of May 18, it takes place on the Moon. Here’s a basic breakdown of how to beat Override and how to make the most of your time spent playing.

How to play Override

When the six Guardians arrive at the Vex network terminal, enemies will begin spawning in around the terminal. Players will need to defeat Vex enemies and Vex-controlled enemies to drop Data Motes and deposit the Motes directly into the terminal. Gambit players will feel right at home with the concept. Guardians can hold up to 10 Motes at once and depositing maximum Motes grants an ammo refill bonus.

While collecting Motes, Champions will appear and try to slow down the group’s progress. Some Champions will either have the Unstoppable or Barrier effect active, so you’ll need weapons with the appropriate mods attached. Players can get the Barrier disruption mod for Auto Rifles and the Unstoppable mod for Sidearms from the seasonal artifact.

Image via Bungie

When the deposited Motes progress bar reaches a checkpoint, players will have to clear out the connection blocker enemies that appear. Then, destroy the Vex Nodes that appear by shooting the red nodes among the white ones surrounding the terminal. After the nodes are destroyed, platforms will appear and one player must reach the top and hack the terminal. Upon reaching a checkpoint, a portal opens and players can jump through and defeat a Champion to get a data spike and can bring that back to deposit to clear enemies and jumpstart the progress bar.

Repeat the process until the progress bar is filled. After the final post-platforming hack, a portal will appear that sucks all the players into the Vex network. Bypass security by platforming to the end portal and avoiding obstacles. Only one player has to make it through and the rest of the players will be teleported alongside them.

This puts players up against the boss, which for the Moon Override mission is Portunos, the Subjugated Mind. Whittle his health down to two-thirds, while dealing with other enemies spawning, and he’ll teleport the group back into a network platforming section. Defeat the Champion there to take the data spike back through the portal and deposit that into the terminal. Repeat the process until the boss is defeated.

How to gain the most rewards from Override

Between bounties, missions, and weekly seasonal challenges, there are a bunch of ways to gain rewards and experience from completing Override missions. 

Following the natural mission progression upon starting Season of the Splicer should have unlocked the Splicer Gauntlet for all season owners. Using Ether earned from playlist activities and public events, make sure to use Ether to unlock Key Codes. Additionally, check out our guide on the best Splicer Gauntlet upgrades using Decrypted Data.

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Playing three Override games and using Key Codes to unlock three Conflux Chests at the end of an Override game will complete two weekly challenges, rewarding you with a piece of Powerful Gear and a piece of Pinnacle Gear. Make sure to also grab bounties from the Splicer Servitor in H.E.L.M. to earn more experience and rewards. Completing eight of those also completes a weekly challenge that rewards Pinnacle Gear.

During the second week of the season, you can complete seasonal challenges from the first two weeks to earn a huge amount of XP. Completing the three weekly challenges mentioned above will complete a seasonal challenge—as will completing five Override missions while depositing Data Spikes. Additionally, defeating opponents with Sidearms and Auto Rifles completes a seasonal challenge. Opening Conflux Chests, decrypting Engrams, and defeating both powerful Vex and Champions will also earn progress toward completing seasonal challengers.

Between the missions, the bounties, and the Conflux Chests, just a few games of Override per week will reward you with tons of experience and rewards.