Best Splicer Gauntlet upgrades in Destiny 2

Here's how you can make the most out of Override activities.

Image via Bungie

The Guardians and Eliksni will meet again in the new season of Destiny 2—this time as unlikely allies. Mithrax, one of the last Sacred Splicers, has given players a gadget that will help them disrupt the Vex Network and give players extra loot for their effort.

The Splicer Gauntlet is vital to getting the most out of Override activities. The device offers a series of upgrades that make it easier to obtain loot, get more ammunition during missions, and even take a shortcut through the Vex Network.

Improving the Gauntlet costs Data Fragments, a resource obtainable through Override completions, Seasonal Challenges, and certain story missions. Each upgrade has three tiers with varying costs and knowing the best way to spend your Fragments can make the new activity far more rewarding.

Here are the best upgrades to the Splicer Gauntlet.

Memory Expansion

Opening Conflux Chests requires Key Codes and crafting Key Codes requires Ether. Memory Expansion is a good starting point for any Guardian’s upgrades since it increases the maximum capacity of both resources. Buying it ensures players won’t cap out on Ether after just two or three playlist activities and lets them go on a long Override spree if they need it.

Override Efficiency

Loot is a core part of Destiny and this upgrade helps with getting more drops from chests. Override chests receive increased rewards, Vex chests can drop seasonal gear, and Conflux chests in the new mission have a chance of dropping unfocused Umbral Engrams, as well as up to three focused Engrams per week depending on its tier.

Ether Filter/Recirculator/Purifier

Ether Filter increases the chance of getting Ether after defeating combatants, which helps players passively collect Ether while doing other activities. Just killing enemies in free roam isn’t the best way to obtain Ether, but the real advantage of this upgrade is in the final node since it increases the amount of Ether that each activity yields.


Override missions send players deep into the Vex Network with a series of environmental dangers, such as laser walls or deadly traps. Codestrider lets you bypass most of them through a shortcut for the measly cost of 100 Fragments. It’s a small investment for the number of benefits it brings, but if you’re looking to save your resources, you can always fall back and let enemies teleport you to the final boss. The Gauntlet lists two unknown nodes below Codestrider, however, which may grant additional perks.

Halt and Open Fire

With Halt and Open Fire, Ammo Crates that spawn during the first part of Override yield more ammo. It’s a handy perk, but it’s hardly essential: Bungie already has Ammo Scavenger mods, which take care of the job in a pinch.

Deletion Exclusion

This three-tier upgrade makes the laser defenses in Override deal less damage inside the Vex Network. Codestrider, however, lets a player bypass a significant portion of the defenses, and failing that, players can always sit out and wait for the teleport. It could be worth purchasing, but it shouldn’t be a top priority. The rest of the upgrades are far more pressing.

There are five currently locked nodes in the Gauntlet. We’ll update this article accordingly once they’re released.