XQc’s livestream without Overwatch is a factory of memes

From Rust to Town of Salem, xQc is having no luck streaming other games.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Former professional player Félix “xQc” Lengyel is still suspended from Overwatch. He became unable to use his account for 24 days starting Nov. 17 for an undisclosed reason. He discovered his suspension during a livestream and said he might move on from the game, as he’s been dedicated to livestreaming since he left professional competition.

But xQc is having a hard time playing other games, and it’s been hilarious for viewers. He’s playing non-competitive games like Town of Salem, Rust, and Minecraft with other variety streamers since, only to have Twitch Clips recording his failures in all these games.

In Town of Salem, xQc was found guilty of conspiracy in a trial featuring other streamers like Chance “sodapoppin” Morris. XQc impersonates his in-game character and begs for his life, only to make everyone laugh at him while saying he’s going to die.

XQc rages after nine of the 10 players find him guilty and his character is punished.

His fellow streamers could just be messing with xQc in Town of Salem to trigger him and laugh a bit, but xQc is also having a hard time against unknown players.

In Rust, another player killed him with a rock hit to his head after xQc said he was an “FPS warlord.”

XQc didn’t need other players to become Livestream Fail material. Still playing Rust, he died alone to barbed wire after trying to invade a base. If dying by himself wasn’t enough in Rust, xQc also started a match of Worms,  accidentally throwing his character into the water and dying.

When xQc is playing games where his goal isn’t to kill or survive, it can still be hilarious. While playing Minecraft with his fellow streamer m0xy, xQc chopped down a tree he wasn’t supposed to. M0xy said he wanted to make a tree house from the one xQc had just chopped down, and showed him a sign he put in front of the tree that reads “do not chop these 2 big trees. Will be used for a house.”

And this is just xQc’s first week without Overwatch. Let’s see what the Overwatch abstinence can do to the streamer until his suspension is lifted on Dec. 11.