These are the cheapest knives in CS2

Not everyone can spend $300 or more in a CS2 knife.

CS2 player looks at bots in aim_botz map while holding a butterfly knife.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Purchasing a knife in CS2 is the dream of many CS2 players, myself included. A lot of us, however, don’t have the money or simply don’t want to spend a staggering amount on a cosmetic.

These cheap knives might not look as good as a Karambit Doppler or a Butterfly Knife Black Laminate, but they will still be a massive visual upgrade in comparison to CS2‘s default knife. Without further ado, here are the cheapest CS2 knives we could find for you.

What are knife skins in CS2?

Knives are among the most expensive cosmetics you can get in CS2, along with gloves and some special skins for the AWP, AK-47, and M4A4. The reason why knives cost so much is because the odds of getting one from official skin cases are approximately one in 400 tries and because not only do they change the visuals of the weapon, but each of them comes with a unique movement animation.

The cheapest knives in CS2

Though a lot of CS2 knives are expensive, there are also some cheap knives that we can buy without resentment. Here are the cheapest CS2 knives we could find on the Steam Market.

Knife nameExteriorStarting priceImage
Navaja Knife | Boreal ForestBattle-Scarred$88.97Image of the Navaja Knife Boreal Forest in CS2.
Navaja Knife | ScorchedMinimal Wear$89.53Image of the Navaja Knife Scorched in CS2.
Navaja Knife | Safari MeshBattle-Scarred$90.27Image of the Navaja Knife Safari Mesh in CS2.
Shadow Daggers | Rust CoatBattle-Scarred$91.28Image of the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat in CS2.
Navaja Knife | Forest DDPATBattle-Scarred$91.74Image of the Navaja Knife Forest DDPAT in CS2.
Shadow Daggers | Safari MeshBattle-Scarred$95.71Image of the Shadow Daggers Safari Mesh in CS2.
Shadow Daggers | Bright WaterField-Tested$96Image of the Shadow Daggers Bright Water in CS2.
Navaja Knife | Rust CoatBattle-Scarred$97.75Image of the Navaja Knife Rust Coat in CS2.
Gut Knife | UltravioletBattle-Scarred$98Image of the Gut Knife Ultraviolet in CS2.
Gut Knife | Safari MeshField-Tested$99.49Image of the Gut Knife Safari Mesh in CS2.
The cheapest CS2 knives. All images via Valve

Bear in mind that the Steam Market prices always fluctuate, so some of the knives in the list above might be cheaper or more expensive the time you try to buy them.


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