S1mple, Zeus unbanned on Twitch after 7-day suspension

The reason for their bans is unknown, however.

Photo via DreamHack

Two of the most famous CS:GO players in Na’Vi history have been unbanned on Twitch at the same time. 

S1mple, arguably the greatest CS:GO player of all time, was unbanned alongside former Na’Vi in-game leader Zeus after both served a one-week suspension, which began on July 29. Strangely, both players had been banned three times before, meaning they likely swerved a permanent ban. 

The reasoning for both of these bans remains unclear, however. After s1mple was banned on July 29 he tweeted that Twitch had left him in the dark and hadn’t notified him on the reason for the ban. S1mple also criticized Twitch’s inaction toward fake streamers who impersonate him and use fake giveaways for unsuspecting viewers that couldn’t discern between the real s1mple and a fake profile. 

Zeus, on the other hand, didn’t comment on his Twitch ban.

Since these two players were mysteriously banned and unbanned it’s presumed that they both broke one of Twitch’s guidelines at the same time, possibly while playing a game together. 

S1mple and Zeus have both been suspended three times on Twitch. They were banned for using homophobic slurs while playing CS:GO with teammates, which resulted in one-week suspensions for both players. 

But both players have to be careful in future to avoid a permanent suspension from the platform.